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"Woe is me" from the Southeast...

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Ever get sick of all the whining? "I just can't find aaaanything in the southeast....." Here's two weeks worth of picking (and not unusual picking) all from within an 80-mile radius of my home in the sunny south. Shown: Mai Kai rum barrel, Tiki Bob's (yep, the real thing), Witco candlesticks, 5 stacking tiki saki cups, green Hawaii Kai, Modern creations in white, Westwood oddball, an Orchids hula girl, Braniff Hawaii surfboard swizzlesticks, Hukilau Moai swizzlesticks, and an antique cobalt blue pusser's rum jug....Boo Hoo. :)

BK, wow those are pretty good finds! Not much of that stuff out here unless you hit up the Antique Malls or Vintage Dealers. Our thrift stores are pretty much picked clean...

I will help you get out of your misery!...

Just send one of each of the items to a different TC member and luck will come to you 10 fold (or 18 fold in this case).

Sounds like a chain letter, huh?


Wow! That's awesome! I hope I have such luck around here when the weather clears.

Any tips?

Great finds! WE went to a number of places in Clayton and points northward over Chirstmas and had very limited luck. Maybe you could pass along some of the places you went to.....if you are feeling generous today besides, its my girlfriends birthday (waikiki tiki).

I don't know...it may be that I'm probably out picking more than many because I sell collectibles (although I keep the tiki and coffee stuff) but I maintain that there is plenty of stuff out there in the thrift shops, antique malls, and flea markets. Ten bucks and under will buy most any mug you see around here if it's not in some old potporri queen's "antique shop and tea room". The most expensive item in there was that big cobalt rum jug, which was 35.00. I wish all you guys and gals (to borrow from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE) "The Ultra Buying Luck". Make no mistake, as long as the world retires in dixie there will be stuff available down here.

Hahuna- What awesome finds! Congrats man!

Oh...and Stunrut, you won't find anything like that here in Ohio...and the weather is NEVER gonna break. So don't waste your gas, bubba! Just sit at home and use ebay.


There is a good deal of tiki if you look!
There is even some big stuff to be found! You just got to know where to look. Also the right places to looks just as important! Usually for mugs look for a large group of ceramic mugs and cups usually tiki mugs are hidden behind a group of vases and coffee mugs. Big stuff is usually hidden behind something or lying on its side. You may have to move things to see them.
Also most antique dealers you can talk down the price. I got a mug 25% off by getting them to call the dealer. Remember don’t let the cashier talk you out of a good deal! The other thing is be determined it my take 5 0r 6 malls and stores but it is all worth it when you pull out that rare mug or interesting statue!

Happy hunting

How to scare rednecks #457

(It's an Asheville thing. anybody who has spent time in Asheville N.C knows)

My Pele just killed your goddess!

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Cool finds Kahuna.
I used to hit the thrift stores alot (especially when I was building my Hawaiian record collection), and still stop in on occassion, but I'm finding it increasingly hard to find anything that justifies the time, miles on the car or gasoline burned.
After collecting tiki for two years, I've located a couple of antique shops that never seem to disappoint. I accept the fact that I have to pay a higher price than at a thrift store (mugs usually go for about $10), but I generally come home with something worthwhile. Of course, now that I'm not looking in the thrifts, I probably missed a box with three suffering bastard mugs and a decanter for $5.

I doubt that you missed a suffering bastard anything...Seems like a lot of the thrift stores have at least one snoopy old poot of a lady who cream the good stuff off the top and secretly do E-bay at home. There is the occasional real-thing thrift store, though. Those malls seem to be my happy hunting ground, too (Tiki Bob's: $15.00 at local mall!). Those and the flea markets, which seldom seem to dissapoint.

On 2003-02-25 10:02, Basement Kahuna wrote:
Ten bucks and under will buy most any mug you see around here if it's not in some old potporri queen's "antique shop and tea room".

Man is that true! There are several places like that in your area BK! When tikisobayli and I were shopping in that area we must have just picked the wrong shops...they all had really bad vases with roses and crap painted on them, etc. for outragious prices! I do agree with you on the ease of finding things though. We don't have much trouble here in Alabama at all. Sometimes the mugs are harder to find but there is always something. Usually here the antique dealers will cut us a deal since their mugs have been sitting on a shelf collecting dust for several years. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Nice finds!


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