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TikiFarm mugs at HotTopic

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Hey All,

I was strolling around my local mall today, and being the hip cool kid that I am, i stopped at the Hot Topic (It sells a lot of nostalgic clothing, well, nostalgic to me anyway, Ninja turtle stuff, transformers, etc.) Anyways, i was walking around the back of the store and I notice some Tiki Candles! Further exploration found this!

It was only 9.99, so it's a little bit cheaper than the web site, and i'ts in a cool box that explains it's origins. They only had two in stock, this one, and a brown one, i'm going back tomorrow to get the brown one. I don't know whether to be happy or sad about this, because this store is pretty popular and this could mean higher prices for mugs, and that's bad news for a new collector like myself.

Sorry for the long post. Did I mention this is my first mug!!! yay!

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Since I buy ALL my clothes for clubbing there I noticed they also carry SHAG stickers. I got a cool "tiki, martini and girl" and a "Martin, Davis, Sinatra" one. I also got a "ask me about my monkey". For some reason I get more comments about that.


To The Mall!


First Spencers, now this.
Oh the things we do

What's more, the mug is designed by our good friend, and certifiably crazy, Crazy Al!

Looks like I will be heading to the mall shortly. This reminds me that another mall store, Urban Outfitters, has been selling repro tiki mugs between $6 and $9. I bought two there a few months ago. Last time I was there, around Christmas, they still had them.

I used to go to Hot Topic all the time until some tatooed, pierced, greasy, smelly chick with hairy arm pits yelled at me for lookin at a shirt on the wall!!
Since then, my wife is a little reluctant to let me go back since I, uh...kinda caused a scene. (I was in a good mood until then, honest!)

However, I guess I will have to go now. Let me find that disguise kit!

Thanks for the HOT Tip-ic Stitch!

75Stingray, I bet you the greasy chick at Hot Topic couldn't even tell you who was in the Sex Pistols. Yet sadly she thinks she's cool selling punk stuff AT A MALL. Poseur.

/\ It's funny because it's true =)

Is "Urban Outfitters" some form of starbucks of style clothing shop, because spookly enough they have a branch in Glasgow (ye ken weegie land big man) and they have been stocking the archie mcphee tiki mug four pack for a while and yesterday I was in town and cleaned them out repro tiki mugs that was in their sale (DW113 and DW128)eight mugs for £12.

Looks like I'm outta luck on this one... went to a store in Milwaukee and the manager and district manager were there and they had no knowledge of the mugs... they said "Well, they are probably being tested elsewhere." They put them on the customer request list. Got lucky with the Spencer stuff, maybe the Topic stuff will come in then go on sale right away 'cause it didn't sell...

Great UK score Atomictonytiki! I got a couple of those repros from their store in Boston, but when I checked their London flagship shop, there was no Tiki to be found.
Perhaps it's time to check them out again.

Trader Woody

It was the fact I found the mugs in their sale section has had me wondering what other mugs did they have in stock. The cheeky blighters had been charging six quid full price.

Hell, those go for £12 in an over-priced shop in London, so £6 is cheap. I doubt they had much else before the sale, though, to be honest. They seem to just go for easily available mass-produced mugs. I can't imagine them making the effort to get Tiki Farm/Munktiki etc. mugs.

You got a serious bargain in the sale, though. Probably the cheapest new mugs ever bought in the British Isles!

Trader Woody

What do you think the chances of me scoring one of those Moai plasma lamps is at the local spencers? Worth a shot?

On the Urban Outfitters website they are advertising the Archie McPhee boxed set of 4 tiki mugs for $28, which is a major rip off in my opinion. I have seen them for $14 a box. When I was at the UO store around Christmas they had 2 kinds of individual mugs for sale. One was brown, sort of moai-esqe, the other was blue and looked more like a classic tiki.

Well last november I bought the Mcphee box set from the Glasgow shop for £21, thats $31.50 in your money but way over the odds in anybodys money. But hey I didddled them rotten over the cheap mugs this week.

Surfer said: "maybe the Topic stuff will come in then go on sale right away 'cause it didn't sell..."

We could only be so lucky!

Hot Topic also has a sister store called 'Torid' geared more for the normal sized goth chick, as opposed to the skinny, crack head. They usually stock a lot of the same accessories. (And clothing, just in bigger sizes).

And DerKafer- Yes! I just saw a green Plasma Moai at my local Spencers the other day and it was marked on sale, like $13 bucks. Not bad, just not for me. I already have a couple of those night-light looking ones. Smae size, just not plasma. (In fact I'll be putting one on ebay one of these days.)
But definately worth a try bubba. Good luck!

Okay- Here is my report on the Hot Topics in Ohio.

Dayton says they never had any! We went to Cincinnati (A bigger store), neither the HT or Torid had any. So drove to Newport on the Levee, (KY) the mananger there said that they DID have some, but they sold out quickly. They got two shipments and were not getting anymore. (Can't figure that one out if they were good, quick sellers!).

I still have not tried Polaris in Columbus...perhaps Stunrut may want to take a look there?



Report from Baltimore. They are not here @ Hot Topic. They said they have a 4 pack, (Archie Macphee is assume). No Tiki Farm though. Said also it was a summer thing.

Oh yeah, thanks for mentioing the 4-mug set, Turbo. I had forgotten about that!

http://www.hottopic.com/ does have some tiki stuff...they have a couple of candles, a four mug set and those Archie McPee coasters.

They can be found at :
or just by typing "tiki" in their search.

The four-mug set is okay I guess...but I'd prefer to wait until it comes down in price a little more. All of the items ar in their sale section.
With any luck, maybe they'll get more items in this summer if it is a "summer thing".

By the way, my brother checked for the Crazy Al mugs in OK City and found nothing.
Good luck!

I would venture to bet that some of these stores will get their stock within the next 30 days or so. Last I talked to Holden, the new mugs were slated for availability in Mid-March.

When I bought the Tiki Farm mug, the girl at the counter said they had only gotten them two or three days ago. Maybe they got them a bit early?


The bus drops me off at the far side of the mall in Ventura so I had to peek into Hot Topic last night. They are stocked up! Even after I did my part to lighten their load.

I got a set of four Big Mouth mugs from Accoutrements (aka Archie McPhee). http://www.mcphee.com/bigindex/current/10979.html
The craftsmanship isn't amazing I guess but I like the design and they're unique proportions for a tiki mug.

I also got two Tiki Farm mugs and two shot glasses. I don't see the shot glasses on their web so they might be from someone else. And I only picked out the ones that appealed to me.

There must as many different ones there that I passed on.

yours, Iron


Last spring I bought the Archie McPhee mugs at Hot Topic and they told me they wouldn't be getting any more because they had drink recipes on them. Their store supposedly can't sell anything drug, alcohol or tobacco-related. I guess that's why the cigarette cases are labeled I.D. cases. Whatever...


Tacky Tiki


The Big Mouth Mugs that I got yesterday at HT had no recipes on the box. I bet they came up with new packaging since someone like Hot Topic is going to buy more than one or two.



On 2003-02-26 10:50, atomictonytiki wrote:
Is "Urban Outfitters" some form of starbucks of style clothing shop, because spookly enough they have a branch in Glasgow (ye ken weegie land big man) and they have been stocking the archie mcphee tiki mug four pack for a while and yesterday I was in town and cleaned them out repro tiki mugs that was in their sale eight mugs for £12.

Calling UO a Starbucks style of clothing shop is really hittting the nail on the head there. Nice call.

In their defense though (as much as I hate to defend them), they've been selling Tiki Mugs for 3 or 4 years.

It's just that their typical clientele were never 'with it' enough to have caught on, hence the sale that you took advantage of.



Sex Pistols: John "Johhny Rotten" Lydon, Glen Matlock, Steve Jones, and Paul Cook. Matlock was later replaced with one Sid Vicious, but was reinstated for their 1997 reunion tour. :)


OK, I am so seldom in the malls, I had no idea this store existed, much less that there was one in N.O. And because of this thread, I actually went in it today.
BARF!!!!!!!! It is truly vomitrocious!
And it didn't have ANY mugs or tikis of ANY kind.
I feel so violated.

Well, like everyone else, I went into the local Hot Topic to see what I could find. I was actually lucky enough to find a Mondo Maori by Squid, a Kalifornia Ku by Drew and a Monster Marq by Danny G. All in all it wasn't too bad of an experience. Even the gal behind the register with the Black Flag tattoo was nice to me.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh patchouli!

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I need to bolt out to Hot Topic (which I agree with 75Stingray about wholeheartedly) as I missed out on the loot at Spencers. Got no Urban Outfitters in this town but I'll be close enough to Kohls to check it out too. Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww... I'm feelin' queasy already.


I'd like to see all this tiki stuff you guys are talking about. Unfortunatly, I'm alergic to shopping malls.

On 2003-03-06 16:10, purple jade wrote:
OK, I am so seldom in the malls, I had no idea this store existed, much less that there was one in N.O.

I had no idea what a Hot Topic store was either until about a year ago, when this "Im too cool for you" goth chick mentioned it and then scorned me for not knowing what it was. I guess I lost points because I did not know about a corporate punk shop at the mall! I lost cred! sob sob

[ Edited by: purple jade 2006-03-20 21:13 ]

Trader Woody & atomictonytiki,
You guys would be blown away by the prices charged for stuff from across the the pond here in San Diego at a place called "All Things Bright & British". Everything from tea cups, to t-shirts, HP sauce, Scottish cookies & candy, even frozen steak 'n kidney pie is to the MOON! Now if they had some old Triumphs or Nortons stashed away in the back, then we could deal.

Okay. I drove all the way to the Mall yesterday. Walked all the way through it to Hot Topic. A very nice young lady asked me if I knew what I was looking for (obviously confused by the fact that a 42 year old man was in her space). I asked if they had any Tiki Mugs. She said "No." I asked, then, if they had any Records (or CDs or whatever) by the Pagans. She replied that "Hot Topic only sells Punk CDs." I left.

Well if anybody wants to swap tea for tiki's I'm up for it.


So, is this Hot Topic place only in the south? I've never heard of it here in the cultural waste of Ohio.

Shipwreckjoey wrote:
Now if they had some old Triumphs or Nortons stashed away in the back, then we could deal.

We've a little place tucked away near our high street with no sign, just an old bike in the window reveals that fact that they repair all the old classics. I pass by it all the time, but never think that it's as worthy of a photo shoot as an old bar. Perhaps I should give them a knock sometime.

And perhaps I should open up a British stuff shop over in the US. Someone must want to buy up this job lot of Oxo that's filling my front room.

Trader Woody

[ Edited by: purple jade 2006-03-20 21:13 ]

Found a new Tiki Farm mug "Mr. Moai" on ebay. There's a few up there now!


I hate hot topic..at one point in time I would go there all the freaking time..Then I came to understand just how pozer that place really is. I actually came to this conclusion..when what I was wearing was no longer the in thing..Isnt hot topic susposed to carry the not in thing?

Then as if a wicked joke some bone head figured it would be a good idea to bring back my not so found memories of the my 80's youth by selling shirts of carebears, transformers, strawberry short cake..ETC

Since this influx of nasty bright pastel colors the hot topics in my area have been flooded with moronic teenie boppers that think the stupid shit is hip.

Arrrghhh whats worse is they flood the allready cramped aisles..thinking they are cool for shopping there and it gives them the right to bump into my ass, my legs, my arms..
I played hockey and trying to manuever around a hot topic is far wose than any game I ever played..its also so tempting to pick them up by there britney spears pig tails and chuck'em out of the store..
Begone! Please return hot topics back to the place parents warned there kids about!

So thats my rant..on hot topic..

In regards to finding your tiki item..congrats..Im surpised the mini sub humans didnt break it before you got to it..
Ohh you also have the same sheets we have...the bear paw on red ones...

I just purchased a blue hibiscus set from Mervyns for our new furniture..


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There is a Hot Topic store at the Easton Mall in the Columbus area, and one is on the way at Tuttle Crossing. I've never gone, so I can't verify the presence of any Tiki-related items. One of my coworkers has a thirteen-year-old son who's going through a "wannabe rock star" phase, and she frequently laments about his relentless begging for her to take him to Hot Topic. (I've seen pictures of the boy, and I can't quite figure out what he's trying to accomplish. He looks like Edward Scissorhands and worships KISS. ??? Yeah, that's what I said.)

BTW, your Exotica Tiki Lounge station on Live 365 makes the work day more bearable. Keep up the good work.


Cowtown Kahuna

malls give me the willies

on a positive note, little known fact... Hot Topic has a 10% discount for military personnel

I got my girl 4.50 of her purty new dress, WOO!


I just hit the Hot Topic at Maui's Kaahumanu Center. They had 3 different Tiki Farm Mugs and 3 different Chiki Tiki Mugs. I bought two for a Wopping $16.

I asked the girl at the counter if they sold a lot of these. She stared blankly back at me for a moment (as if to say are you kidding?) then rolled her eyes and with a laugh in her voice said "NO".

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