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Kowloon, Los Angeles, CA (restaurant)

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Street:6124 W. Pico Blvd.
City:Los Angeles

Kowloon Cantonese Cuisine, owned by George Lim and Joe Ho.


I hadn’t heard of this place until I saw a matchbook that Sabu the Coconut Boy had posted in Tiki Finds in 2006. I recently won a menu on ebay and the drinks page is a new favorite.

I love this bowl. :down:

I went to the address today and 6124 W. Pico is no longer an actual address, the spot is now split between a kosher restaurant and a nursery.


Great post, Boris. The angel fish bowl is pretty fabulous.


Here's a matchbook from my collection.


Thanks Uncle Trav!

Does anyone out there have a picture of this place?

No exterior shots yet, but found some interiors from 1958:

:up: Mrs. Edward Vincent Dockweiler; Rear Admiral Robert W. Berry; Mrs. A. Laurence Smith, Jr.; Mr. A. Laurence Smith, Jr.; Mrs. Robert W. Berry; Mr. Odell McConnell.

:up: Mrs. Robert G. Meyler, Jr.; Chef & owner, George Lim".

:up: Chinese Barbeque pig -- 100 lbs.

:up: looks like they're drinking "Kowloon Gold" cocktails in the ice-shell glass.

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Looks like they furnished their entire restaurant with the kind of stuff you see on HipSwap.com

You guys should check it out...plus it's all local to L.A. :P

HipSwap must be the new name for Oceanic Arts then! I agree, Bob and Leroy are some hip beatniks!


Looks like Pico Blvd ,near La Cienega was THE place to get Cantonese Food and Tropical Cocktails back in the day. Wan-Q, Twin Dragon etc....Luckily Wan Q is
FU's Palace, and still serving the good Cantonese stuff,and Twin Dragon is still there too.

I had my first Scorpion Bowl there back in (gulp) the early/mid-80's. Don't do the math, I was only a lad....

Great website. Pic of my dad, mother and grandparents with an unidentified couple at Kowloon approx 1955/56, with my grandfather's friend, the actor Carleton Young and his wife Noel Toy, an exotic fan dancer from San Francsico.

My dad, grandmother and Carleton Young.

Here is another matchbook type I have from Kowloon.

And, a large postcard showing the interior I tried unsuccessfully for on ebay.

The bar was eye-popping!


Here is a little better look at the that great interior postcard. Look at those Tiki mugs on the lower left side of the bar.

A nice slice of an old school LA Chinese restaurant that adapted to the Tiki style.


Mahalo DC!

Mahalo DC!

Nathan posted on Sat, Dec 1, 2018 7:19 PM

There's no exterior image of the Kowloon? A wrong that must be righted ASAP!

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