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South Pacific stage prop tiki

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Last month a few of us in the Baltimore/DC area went to see 'South Pacific' at D.C.'s Arena Stage. For this performance, a pair of tikis were brought onto stage for the scene where Lt. Cable and Liat meet and fall in love (a scene that included a rising stage platform and flower petals falling from the ceiling)

A few of us inquired about obtaining these two tikis after the show's run was over, and I was somehow fortunate enough to obtain one of them - a very nice souvenir of a fun evening out.

Here are two pictures of my new tiki - they are constructed of styrofoam sprayed with a rock-like candy shell surface.


Yeek! Subtle little fellow, isn't he - NOT! I guess maybe the original bedroom idea would be a little too aggressive. But then, right there in the living room...but the dining room...maybe the bathroom?

Wherever he permanently ends up, he's GREAT, Lutella Vern! May he bring you your own beautiful Liat (without your having to die at the hands of the Japanese, naturally).

Candy shell? It sounds deliscious.
Very nice score.

LD, don't go licking that thing.


kewl. did you get a good deal on it?

stubby little fella......the tiki i mean......WHAT?


The above tiki cost me $150 I got the opinion of a friend who does some theatre stagework, who said this was a very fair price, given the materials and time needed to construct it - something I wasn't about to do myself. It also helps that the above money is going to the theatre itself - one more way of supporting the arts.


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