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Shakas, Alhambra, CA (restaurant)

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Name: Shakas
Type: restaurant
Street: 101 West Main St. #C
City: Alhambra
State: CA
Zip: 91801
country: USA
Phone: 626 293 5520
Status: operational

This is the second location for Shakas. The first one is in Monterrey Park.

I've visited the Alhambra location twice in the mid afternoon. The restaurant has a couple of large free-standing Tikis and the menu is fairly extensive. So far, I have to say I enjoyed their chicken curry and rice, their Manapua appetizer buns with barbecue filling, and their Kalua pork tacos. I'll be back to try more. I was blown away by their Hawaiian Shave Ice. The consistency is more like actual snow than the granular ice found in a snow cone. Very Tasty!!! This particular location is about 12 minutes south of where I live in Pasadena. If you want to hit a couple of Tiki spots, it's about 12 minutes west of Bahooka's. There is parking in back.

See their website at:


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Pictures from Shakas Courtesy of Boris:

Big Tiki

HipHipaHula & Trader Tom & Trader Joe's Feet...

lol... I ate the whole thing.... that was a bomb weekend, thanks again :wink:

I went to Shakas last week for the first time, only having been to the Monterey Park location. Unlike the MPK location, this one has a full bar. They also have happy hour special. I don't know if this is old news and has always been in place, or if it is a recent promotion. I'm not even sure which days (or hours) have the happy hour. They have it printed on a large poster when you enter, but I neglected to read it or remember it. When I went on a Wednesday night, they had tacos for $1.25 each, that includes huli huli chicken, kalua pork, and 3 other types of tacos. They also had $2 mai tais! Okay, fine, so it was made with bottom of the shelf white rum (I think one was a spiced rum), fruit juices including pineapple. But if you're willing to drink a frat boy caliber planter's punch for $2 you got it!

Other dishes include Hawaiian style plate lunches like kal bi, chicken katsu, and loco moco. They also have Primo beer by the can.

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