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Photos of Kahiki Salvage and demolition

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I (re) posted a photo album from the Kahiki salvage and demolition over two years ago. You can see it all here:


This was posted in the Columbus, OH thread, but I think there might be people interested in this who are not following that discussion.



"Level 4 Breach! Level 4 Breach! The monkey's are free! The monkeys are free!"

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Oh-oh, I think I'm gonna cry now...


Thanks for the photos Muggler. Totally interesting and totally sad. I've never been to Columbus but I've heard an awful lot about the Kahiki. In the Book of TIki and I have a couple of good friends from Columbus that filled me in about it. They told me it was the only reason anybody should have paid a visit to Columbus. When I see demolition like this it bugs the sh*t outta me. Money is the only reason things like this happen. I remember about 8 years ago when they demolished the building that the legendary Fillmore East used to be in here in New York. There was one lone dude who was trying to save the building and possibly re-open it as the Fillmore with some rentable studio space in some of the upstairs offices. No dice. The place got torn down in 1995. I would walk by there on the way to work and watch them tear the joint down just about everyday. Now it's an expensive (what else is new) apartment building. The facade remains, but a bank has opened where the main entrance used to be. During business hours you can go into the bank and see the photos (by Amalie Rothschild-house photographer at Fillmore East) and some assorted memorabilia they have hanging on the walls above the bank employees' desks. So now in the almost exact same spot where you could once go and buy tickets for Jimi Hendrix, Janis, etc. you can now go and get money out of an ATM. How's that for irony??

It's a shame....And I had been through Cincinatti three or four times and never detoured to Columbus to go. One can look at those inside photos and tell just how fragile an illusion that grand atmosphere was.


God is that sad! Well, it could have been worse - they could have been using a wrecking ball!

very painful indeed.but thank god some one had the brains to salvage!.i know i would have loved to have had a pass to pilfer from that place!(yes i would rather it had stayed intact and open).i wish i had a chance to have gotten in kelbos before it went south.......but alas.

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