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Despite having assembled a (IMHO) a pretty respectable collection of Exotica and Space-Age Pop music CD's (mind you, not an easy feat -- have you been to a record store lately?), I still felt like there must be more out there. So, yes friends, I've decided to venture back in time to the land of Vinyl LPs.

Has anyone found a good source (I recently scored a copy of Baxter's "Le Sacre du Sauvage" from gemm.com)? Also, has anyone had success converting LP's to MP3?



Ah yes, the search.
I get most of my vinyl from thrift stores but the Exotica lp's are extremely rare(as in none).
Sometimes I bid on E-bay. There are actually quite a few good used record stores here in San Diego County which enough to cool stuff to make a decent collection.
My bro bro Josh has it set up so that he can convert alubms to Mp3's, I'll ask him how he does it.
I've really gotten the vinyl bug, I love the cover art and playing records is just a heck of a lot more fun than sticking some boring CD in.



I have converted many LPs into stereo-playable CDs, if anyone wants some tips...



The first thing for LP to CD is to run a cable from your stereo's out to your computer's line in. Do not use the speaker out, as that will blow everything up. Too much juice. Use a Tape out or line out.

Second, open your volume control and switch over to the "record" and you can then set the level, though it may not do anything.

Then you need some software to record your wave file, and then comvert to MP3. Go to download.com and look for something free. I use SoundForge, but it's expensive.

I get my LPs from thrift and antique stores and then if there is something I get that's awesome, I look for a pristine copy on Ebay. But I find lots of good stuff around for $1 or 2.


Swanky -

Thanks! I'll take your advise and see what I can find.



Vic, if you are ever in LA (hollywood) or SF (height st.), they both have a used record store called Amoeba. Amoeba stores are huge and have everything really cheap. I found all kinds of Les Baxter and Martin Denny records the last time I was at the SF one. They also have most of the stuff on cd too.


the easiest way to convert LP's to digital is to buy a cd-burner stereo component that accepts analog input. I have a KOSS that I got as a open item at Bestbuy- works fine, easy to do- all in one step.

Hey guys, check the "Collecting Tiki" forum to see some vinyl I just scored. I'm interested in trading.

Luki posted on Wed, Mar 5, 2003 12:45 AM

The best successes I've had transferring vinyl to MP3 (or any other format) is by going directly out of the turntable into an MD recorder.

Since turntables don't have amplified outputs, there's no problem with overloading the input circuitry on the MD recorder.

I have an MD changer in my car, so I don't convert MDs to MP3 too often, but it's pretty easy to do using one of Sony's Net.MD players.

Some folks complain about this method because of double compression (once to ATRAC and then another to MP3) but seeing as how I'm not a member of any canine family (as far as I know), my hearing isn't sharp enough to tell the difference...it always sounds great to me!


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