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Kona Kai , Torrance, CA (apartments)

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Name:Kona Kai
Street:22413 Ocean Avenue
Phone:(310) 375-0040

About a block away from the Eli Kai Apartments.

Sadly, the Kona Kai Apartments were a fortress. Boris found a spot where I could have jumped the wall. I decided to pass and just took some exterior shots.

These apartments were discussed in one of Sabu's pre-Locating Tiki posts, but all of the photo links are dead.

This is Tiki apartment week on TC. Here is an old article about the annual Luau event held for the residents at the Kona Kai complex.

Apartment living was fun back in the day!


Hurrah for Tiki Apartments Week!

I took these July 2013. The place looks unchanged since Tiki Kate's 2008 shots.


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