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Big Fat Tiki Mailboxes...

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I once had a place bookmarked where I could get a big Tiki Mailbox with the box sticking out of the tikis mouth? You know, like we'd all like to have, bu can't afford $400 buck for?
I can't find that site anymore. Of course I have sooo many tiki sites in my favorite sites...the numbers are high, okay?

Anyway; three questions:
1.) Who sells these boxes?

2.) Can one be made of some other type of wood besides palm? (Keep in mind we're cutting a big hole in the center for a standard sized mailbox). Would another wood -say something found in MY area be practical?

3.) If not, GECKO (I'm looking in your direction), how much would it cost to find and ship a piece of palm that big? Would it be worth the shipping, or would I just be better off to pay and have one done or buy one from say...TikiDude?

I really want one of these, but I'm kinda worried someone will steal it too - so it would have to be bolted and cemented solid in the ground.
And what if some redneck punk plays mailbox baseball? - how will a big cut in the center effect the strength of the wood?

Any suggestions, comments, ideas or sympathy will be appreciated.


You are probably talking about TikiTom's carving. Right now he has a picture of a tiki with a mailbox through it's forehead. I do believe that he previously had one of a tiki with a mailbox being held by its teeth. Check the following:


If that doesn't work go to:
then enter "tikitom" in the box to the left of your screen.

Of course, Gecko=([email protected]), ChikiTiki=([email protected]), Crazy Al=([email protected]), or any other of our great carvers can do what you need.


As far as I know Mai Tiki is the guy who has a mouth mailbox tiki. Thanks SCD

Hey Chiki!
Could you imagine "Gilligan" holding a mail box from his gums????!!! (re-fer to beyond tiki post) Sizzle huh?

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GECKO posted on Sun, Mar 2, 2003 2:27 AM

Alohaz braddah stingray,

tanks foda offer but ya lookin' at plenny pigs & chickens(money) brah! mo betta fo get em on da mainland. I neva wen make wun mialbox li dat but I did make a a-frame mailbox fo a friend about a year ago on da mainland. da main post was 4x4 redwood and da A frame hut was also made of redwood and tapa. I'll try and see if i can find da pix on one of my digital camera disk. Dat might not cost as much fo da kine,shipping.

You're tinkin of MaiTiki.


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