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During King Kukulele's set at the Purple Orchid last week, they were showing an assortment of tiki/Hawaiiana movies on the big-screen behind the stage. After the King had finished, there was a short film featuring the main character with a giant moai head, but a 'regular' sized human body. It was pretty loud in the Orchid at the time, but from what I could tell, the film was silent. However, it was easy to follow the plot:

The film began with him at home on Rapa Nui, going about his daily business. He then caught a plane and flew to Los Angeles, where he encountered many other oversized cultural icons (the giant 'golfer' near the 405 Fwy, the huge 'Randy's' donut in Inglewood, a monster-sized garage mechanic, etc.). He eventually ended up at a museum, where he saw iconography from his home (including portrayals of himself!) and tried to 'rescue' one of the statues, presumably the image of his long-lost love. Naturally, he was persecuted by the 'natives' and they drove him away to the beach, where he dove in the water and swam back to Rapa Nui.

I know I've left out a bunch of plot details, but it was easy to see the 'Frankenstein' parallels. The film was both touching and absolutely hysterical - it's surprising to see the range of emotion a changeless moai face can make! I really want to get a copy of this film on vhs. It couldn't have been more than 10 minutes long, but I have no idea what the title is, or where/how to acquire one. I did spot the name "Jeff Berry" in the credits many times, but I don't know if this is the same "Beachbum" of 'Grog Log'/Intoxica' fame. Does anybody know anything about this film?



The film is "The Secret of Easter Island"
and can be found here.

It is the Beachbum Berry from "Grog Log" fame. I have a copy, it's a really great film.

I love this movie! I've been meaning to buy it, but I just can't bring myself to pick up anything on VHS now that I've been spoiled by DVDs.

I think I'm going to buy one anyways, it is really great and easily worth the $15.00.


Jeff "Beachbum Berry's" THE SECRET OF EASTER ISLAND has been called "the only true Tiki movie" by me. It has a Tiki as protagonist!

Immediately when I saw it I knew I had to meet the man. He made it in the early 80s, with his brother in law. At that time the Bali Hai was selling off their Mr. Bali Hai in cases, cheap, so you see a whole shelf of them getting broken! And now, with Tiki Farm, we have come full circle...
But I digress. Get that film, it's a short art film, but neither boring nor pretentious, a Tiki classic. You can order it at

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