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Baywatch Hawaii Reunion Tikis...

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Anyone catch this tacky reunion show Friday night... a few good shots of the large tikis at the Turtle Bay Hilton on Oahu...

[ Edited by: purple jade 2006-03-20 21:20 ]

Well, considering it was only 5 degrees today, the beach scenes and shots of open water were nice...

Hooters girls in the midwest are nasty...

Baywatch reruns can be found any day of the week on our cable stations here in California. Yeah, I use to watch it....(well, actually, I had it as "background video", where you have the TV on with no sound, since who really gets into the plot of Baywatch anyway?)

Anyhow, I did catch about 5 minutes of the reunion, just to see how, and if gravity has affected our favorite running-and-bouncing-in-slow-motion actors. I was surprised that I finally noticed some years taking a toll on Pamela Anderson above the shoulders, while below the shoulders everything still seemed frozen in time.

Any thoughts?


Lake Surfer wrote:
Hooters girls in the midwest are nasty...

In a good way?



Baywatch has a plot? Who knew?

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