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Where is some Tiki in Vegas?

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I'm going to Vegas after the Tiki Crawl in SF, anyone know where I should check out some tiki in Vegas?

Restaurants, bars, Polynesian dancing....there gotta be SOMETHING.


Tikicutie Laura



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Hi TikiCutie,

Check out these past threads for all kinds of info and pictures of Las Vegas tiki:


I think our Tiki Centralites have found just about every tiki there is to be found in Vegas.



TikiCutie -

A lot of hype surrounded the launch of Venus @ the Venetian -- what with the original Shag artwork and the claim of being "the first new Tiki Bar built in 40 years (or something). The interior might look tiki, but that's where it ends (I should note that Venus is actually split into two areas; The Tiki-inspired lounge and the dance/nightclub section). I've been in a few times and could only take it for a hour or so. If you like earsplitting dance/house music and want to do belly-shots with the barstaff, then this might be the place. BTW -- they discontinued the Shag matchbooks, cocktail napkins, and other stuff -- too collectible I guess.

You may want to try Cheeseburger in Paradise at Desert Passage (Aladdin). They also have an ABC store and a Hilo Hattie for those who can't make it to The Islands.




then you can come over to my place :P
there's also the maoi at sunset park, noodles resturant at mandalay bay,not tiki but they have tiki drinks. obviously as stated taboo cove, I actually enjoy the place since we know the right bartenders and right time to go. um some pretty good antique malls (red rooster)ummm cheese burger at the oasis looks good but the food sucks ass and the drinks are so so... oh The Peppermill lounge waaay 70's chic and great drinks for great prices. If your going to the SF crawl we can talk more then.

The tiki at Sunset Park previously stood at the Stardust Hotel & Casino. It was carved by Eli Hedley - grandfather of Bamboo Ben.


oh i forgot the Imperial palace has a luau, but im not sure if open ,since its still winter, but its worth to check out. If you want authentic hawaiian food go to down town vegas , the california hotel is "local" central. or off strip for plate lunch style theres hale'hawaii and aloha kitchen. Aloha kitchen has a after hours bar that has kareoke (sp?) and the food is ono!

I assume the tiki bar in Swingers is not real.

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