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Any Info On Trader Nick's?

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Aloha...I was wondering if any of you visited this polynesian restaurant in Pismo Beach, California. I understand it was open until March/April of 1999, bought by McClintock's and is now Steamers, a seafood place. Did anyone score anything before it was remodeled?



Matchcover#3 inside

Matchcover#3 front

Matchcover#3 rear....I don't have a scanner so I had to take these with my digital camera. Notice the "Trader Nick's Grog Log" and Tiki Bowl. With a magnifying glass the bowl looks like none I have never seen. The tikis have a base under their feet and the bowl has verticle lines like a coconut mug. Never found anything from there except these 3 different matchbooks.

Kon-Tiki Inn is still next door. Anyone stay there?


Trader Nicks used to be our stop over on trips to LA. The out side decor was more Tiki than the actual bar, but it was a nice way to "de-L.A." (No offense to our southern Tikis) They used to have Tiki theme tee shirts and stuff at the Hotel lobby, but last time I stopped, (which was just days after nicks was torn down) it was fairly Tiki free. I asked what had happend to Nicks, and they said, "oh they tore that down, they are going to build a nicer place called Steamers" Nicer place? NICER PLACE? Great. I asked if they had any more Tiki Tee shirts etc, and the person got a far a look, and pondered the word Tiki as though it they had never heard it before. "Tiki?. Tiki. Hmmmmm" I left as they stood pondering. I stood at the chain link fence and looked at the lot where Nicks once stood, and then hocked a big luggie on the "Steamers, coming soon!" sign. I have not, and most likly will not, ever find out how "nice" steamers is. T.K.


Steamers has a great view of the coast, but the decor is somewhat sterile/nauticle theme with old photos of Pismo. No pix of Trader Nick's though. The food isn't very good either.....the fish is fishy, stay with the chicken....another seafood restaurant with bad fish....and no Tiki!!!!! Oh well......

I was there the night before they closed, The waiter knew nothing about TiKi and had worked there for a year, the bartender knew a little but could care less, he did make a mean martini and as they were closing, kept my glass full for over 2 hours, swam back to the hotel! I was able to grab a menu and wine list, the manager gave me a phone number to call to get some of the decor stuff after they closed but when I called they told me someone bought the entire interior. Wonder where it is now?

Its not TiKi but Splash Cafe is the place to eat when in Pismo! They have a killer Chowder Bowl, Buttered, toasted, sourdough bread bowl filled with the best chowder I have had, topped with crab maet, washed down with a cuppa SLO beer...dang I'm hungry

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