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Way to go, BigBro!

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[ Edited by: purple jade 2006-03-20 21:18 ]


uuuuhhhhh... I'm speechless!

Totally unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You da MAN-tiki!

It was a good video but come on! That price is totally ridiculous.

Oh man! I didn't think I'd ever say this, but I truly hope he doesn't join TikiCentral! We would have one PISSED OFF member after finding out that he could have obtained this for the the TC member price of $20.

Oh well, no one forced him to bid $780.00! I'd throw in a signed BOT too!

Congrats BigBro


Holy Tiki Batman...congratulations!!!


My copy will be on eBay within the hour....



HolymotheraJaysas!!! Is this real? Did some clever person put up a fake eBay page? BigBro I am so happy for you!


On 2003-03-02 23:29, martiki6 wrote:
My copy will be on eBay within the hour....

Thanks kids, i can really use it!
And Martin, I hope you're kidding, remember the stipulation in my original post that the videos are sold to Tiki Centralites for personal use only, and are otherwise only for sale by me! I even specified "No e-bay speculating"!
(I had a hunch, but this beats it all!)


Maybe you can go in halvsies with the guy on shipping.


Don't worry, Sven: I was only kidding. I need it for the bus on Saturday, anyway!


Sven, you should email Tikihound, the guy on the list who got outbid by only $10.00 on this auction. You could offer at "half-price" and he would think he scored - a win-win for both of you!


Congrats Bigbro,

You do deserve it. The great Ku was smiling on you during that auction.

And to think, I got my video from you on the OC Mini Crawl for $20, and unless I become destitute, I'll never part with it.

P.S. when can I get the drink?

Oh...MY..GawD!! That thing was just at $20.00 on Friday, wasn't it??? Is that a joke? I just can't believe they would escalate that quickly and still pay up.

But I'm crossing my fingers for you, Big Bro, that they do!


I appreciated getting my video originally and really, really appreciate it now.


Now you have some cash to spend at our Tiki Crawl this weekend. You are coming aren't you?

BigBro have BIG heart, he buy us all grog log. heh!

Swanky posted on Mon, Mar 3, 2003 7:46 PM

Way to go Sven! I hope you sell 100 more for that price. You deserve it!

On 2003-03-03 19:46, Swanky wrote:
Way to go Sven! I hope you sell 100 more for that price. You deserve it!

Thank You, pal. Yet I doubt that very much...but it will be interesting how the following ones will do. I plan to "release" one each month or so, and we can play a little betting game here on TC, like who gets closest to the final amount.

This buyer was Japanese, and he already has paid thru Bidpay. I love those obsessive Japanese pop culture fans.

And the rest of you, be nice kids and keep your copies out of the game like you promised, or bigbro will erase them with Tiki mana (deep voice)

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