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The Isle, El Segundo, CA (apartments)

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Name:The Isle
Street:1620 E. Maple Ave.
City:El Segundo

Tropical apartments. The Isle sign is featured in The Book of Tiki on page 219.

Working through the list of apartments I’d found in a 1960’s Inglewood area phonebook I decided to check out the Isles Apts. in El Segundo, it turns out they’re really The Isle Apts.

It stinks to see waterways that have been filled in but at least the complex is kept really nice and it's always cool to see a clamshell waterfall.

Not crazy about the Tiki’s paint job but I was just happy to see him.

great post, boris. That tiki looks like a Trader Luke tiki - he did those nice block-y hands like that, though I don't know fo-sho


I'm guessing you'll find more Tiki apartments in El Segundo and Playa Del Rey...there's alot of Mid Century buildings there.

Godd Stuff.

For more Trader Luke apartment Tikis, seek out the TIKI and the TIKI TU Apartments in Santa Monica, both on the same street, a cul-de-sac.

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