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Hybrid Hibiscus- WOW

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Talk about a tropical mega-flower- our new hibiscus hybrids have been putting out some super MONSTERS lately- check this sucker out!

more pix:

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Definately an awesome flower, next to plumeria, hibiscus is my favorite. What is the name?

That's a beauty,...how long will it bloom indoors?

Wow...what a beaut! I wish I had a green thumb...I've got silk plants that are wilting.


I have them outdoors- they are going crazy. I cut that bloom off last night and it still looks the same now, and its just sitting on my desk w/o water.

I don't know the name of that one- most of my others I do, but that one didnt have a tag- its kinda like Charlie's Angel, but with more pink on the petals

Theres just so many awesome hibiscus out there these days- check out a few:


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oh yeah rum runner is my most favorite- that flower is amazing. I wanted to get one for the outside, but i hear they grow pretty slow- what was your experience?

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how long did it take to go from 18" to 4feet?

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