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Al Basrah, Iraq area Tiki anything?

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Thor posted on Mon, Mar 3, 2003 12:05 PM

I have some friends travelling to the Middle East in a few weeks and they are interested in drinking some refreshing Mai-Tais at the end of their business trip. Does anyone know of anything in southern Iraq, preferably near the Kuwait border?


My Brother did some flying in the area about 12 years ago, he and a bunch of his co-workers from Lemoore, not Hanford. No Tikis, but he did come back with a box of Cubans from the UAE for me.

Trader Vic's is certainly a crowd pleaser in the ME. I think there are several in UAE and one in Egypt.

I will go to Aqaba!
Midnite of Arabia


Here's the list of restaurants. I guess it's current. http://www.tradervics.com/restaur1.htm

Tacky Techie Tiki Bar

[ Edited by: Turbogod on 2003-03-03 14:06 ]

I've a pal I see year to year at the Wild Weekend who told me how he made a visit to Iraq to see his uncle and was utterly amazed to discover a Tiki bar in his basement.

Whether your business friends get an invite or not all depends on how 'smart' the bombs are, I guess.

Trader Woody

AH dogs parts, I diddn't think to check if there was a Trader Vic's in the middle east, my brother works as a steam engineer on oil tankers and his ship was in drydock in Dubai for a month. He could have been getting me gifts from trader vic's.

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