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Kon Tiki Inn, Pismo Beach, CA (hotel)

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Name:Kon Tiki Inn
Street:1621 Price Street
City:Pismo Beach

Hotel. Appears to be Tiki in name only. On the Web at: http://www.kontikiinn.com

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I took these pictures a few months ago, I kind of like this place and might go back this summer for a stay.

this is how it looks now : ( Not much tiki going on here except for the name and a few bamboo furniture pieces in the lobby.

this is the view of the ocean if you look out the rooms, very nice. the pool is nice too. The motel is to the right of the picture.

we also went to the Steamers next door, it had great view and the food looked good. Pretty much on this trip I ordered Dark Myers Rum and grapefruit juice with fresh lime and a cherry.


very nice get away from the daily stress.

Picked up a nice little ashtray from the Kon Tiki Inn.


A friend of mine just returned from Pismo Beach and brought me this cool t-shirt from the Kon Tiki Inn and this Kon Tiki Inn business card.

Yah, it's tiki only in name. Been there maybe 6 years ago. I liked it a lot. My son skateboarded thru the parking lot. Sat in the hot tub and looked out at the ocean at night. Dolphins swimming by in daytime. Beachcombing. Fun place. Fun shops in Pismo.

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