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LIVE broadcast w/Miles Thompson 6 pm pst Tues.

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Hola and Aloha Amigos and Wahines,

It's time to spin some .25 cent vinyl with your best friend Captain Ambience on the world famous Thrift Store Radio Show Tuesday 6 pm pst

It's an extra special show as our good pal Miles Thompson returns to Leucadia with his neat-o collection of vintage Hawaiian records.
You know Miles from his classic short films featured in Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Film Festivals and his fine work on Cartoon Network.

At 7 pm it's the energetic DJ GJ, the Hip Hop Hapa broadcasting LIVE from the last dirt road in suburbia.

If we are lucky the coolest cat on the coast, DJ Tyler will make an appearance.

Point your browser to http://www.dirty.org/

Click on "listen" and listen

Be sure to join the Happy Chatters in the Chat Room!


Listen with the free winamp player http://www.winamp.com

Check out Miles Thompson's groovy art at http://www.kooch-e-koo.com/index.html

Thanks for listening!


Hey, that was real cool. Do you do it every Tuesday? Good stuff.
original message;
(I'm listening to this right now, it's really great.)

[ Edited by: Alnshely on 2003-03-04 20:02 ]

Thanks for checking out the show, Miles has some cool records, he's just like Steve Buschemi on Ghost World, heh.
We do it pretty much every Tues. Other nights are live DJ's mixing it up with electro, etc. Good stuff really, they are quite talented. I'm the only "lounge" act.
Next time come say "hi" in the chat room.


Are you going to replay this at some point, so that those of us who weren't near a computer at 6pm can hear it? that would be cool...

Due to crummy equipment that show went unrecorded.


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