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South Seas, Reseda, California, Reseda, CA (apartments)

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Name:South Seas, Reseda, California
Street:19223 Saticoy Street

Small apartment building is rather spartan in appearance. This apartment was the filming location of the 1984 film, The Karate Kid" featuring Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso and Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi.

Hiltiki and I were optimistic as the name of the apartment seemed to hold promise. The signage was rather unique. The small complex was locked, but we stalked a gardener until we gained access.

There is a functioning lava rock waterfall that dribbles into a small fish pond. Unfortunately, the water feature is almost completely hidden with overgrown ivy and small bamboo plants.

There are several wood posts/small bridge around the water feature and nearby planters.

On a happy note, the gold fish or coi seem to be thriving and swimming about.

The apartment sports a circular stone and lava rock planter in the middle of the complex.

There are two large palms which flank the entrance. Two large palms in the front and several palms in the rear of the complex.

We searched the entire interior and found no signs of tikis, murals, etc.

Wonder if that rock planter used to be a firepit. I have a habit of hunting anything that could have been a fire or water feature for signs, but nothing can be done with a planter like that save look around the outside for a valve or electrical box (or, if I suspect it was a fountain, tile inside) but... Nothing to be seen there.

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