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Tahitian Inn Motel, Ft. Myers Beach , FL (motel)

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Name:Tahitian Inn Motel
Street:17761 San Carlos Blvd.
City:Ft. Myers Beach

I came by this place during my last trip to Florida. Vintage motel all the way. Polynesian roofline and pulltrough check-in. I wish I could give a little history of the place but as cruel fate would it have the guy working the desk spoke no english. Soooo? If any one has some info to add that would be great. At least I got some pics.

[ Edited by: uncle trav 2008-06-21 14:00 ]

Not a big find but we have it locked down with some photos now. The "tiki" type masks on the wall are molded out of cement and attached to the coral walls and painted to look like wood. There was an old aerial photo of the motel in the lobby that was really faded so the pic did not come out. Like I said, no back story and I was only in town for a short time so any digging for clues was out of the question. Thanks for looking.

Uncle Trav, Did a bit of digging on the Property Appraisers web site. The building was erected in 1967, near as I can tell on the crappy info thats available online. Oh, and it's owned by Swami Enterprises, go figure. Next time I head to the library, I'll check out the city directories, have to hit FM, the Cape doesn't have anything but the Cape. Can't tell you how much Kabuddhabuddha and I enjoyed your visit. Miss you, Sissy

Great job Sissy. Never thought going down that avenue of research. Any piece of info helps out with the big picture. Keep up the good work. I know classic tiki is hard to come by down your way.

I know someone out there has a vintage postcard of that place. Scan and post please, it's easy.

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