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Islander Resort, Canoga Park, CA (apartments)

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Name:Islander Resort
Street:21205 Roscoe Blvd.
City:Canoga Park

A-fram apartment building with driftwood stone & lava rock exterior.

This apartment has a dramatic sloping A-frame roof line which extends to the ground on one side with beautiful driftwood stone and lava rock exteior.

The exteior entrance and interior lobby have large hanging lamp. We suspect the original interior was most likely replaced as this existing lamp looks modern.

The interior lobby has two paintings. One a rendering of a tropical theme sporting the name of the complex. The other painting has a tiki amongst some tropical plants and flowers. The artist signed his name as "Sal".

Hiltiki and I found two functioning water features, one of which has a ceramic chicken nestled in the lava rock. Good news there was fresh mint growing. Too bad we didn't have the fixings for a Mai Tai.

The other looks like a recent addition.

Sadly, many of the interior palms appear to have been cut down or are in the process of being removed. We found evidence throughout...

We thought this was the remnant of a tikie, but upon further inspection, was simply a drain pipe.

The back parking lot entrance has rocks that have been oldly cemented and painted over.

You can see the shadows of these rocks.

Hiltiki and I conducted a thorough search of the interior and exterior and found no tikis.

Cheeky Girl, you and Hiltiki are doing good work what's more amazing is that you're doing it during this ridicules heat wave. :)

:) We did duck into a local bar for a drink for hydration!
It was 7-ll or Bar -- bar won out, plus it was Happy Hour!

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