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South Pacific on Broadway

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Thor posted on Wed, Mar 5, 2003 2:12 PM

Hey Tiki-suckas,

Hal Prince just called me and he wants to know if there is public interest for a revival of South Pacific. I feel that with the current political situation, America would enjoy a lighthearted romp through the nostalgic memories of deployment and invasion. What do you think?

If you would like to see the show produced again (perhaps in 2005) respond to this thread.

Washing that man right out of my hair,

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Oh Yes!!! I would love that. Put me down for YES!!!

(I'll even play in the orchestra!)

happy talking - talking happy talk....
talk about a play we'd like to see.


It's a good idea, but tell him not to pull another Phantom of the Opera and take up a theatre ad infinitum. Seems like a blase thing for him to want to do though - it sure would be much more of a challenge and a contribution to take a risk and see if he can't discover new Rogers' and Hammersteins' - I have a hunch there are plenty of new musicals out there that could be classics if Mr. Prince took them on.

And Thor - if the current political situation isn't resolved by 2005 the only activity on post-apocalyptic Broadway will be mutant three-breasted hookers and legalized heroin vendors.

For non tiki-talk:

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If this is any indication we just saw South Pacific here in Washington DC. I think every show was a sell out.


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I am a big fan of the pop culture lore of "South Pacific", but I have seen the recent TV version with Glenn Close, which was hard to take, and the original movie, which, although I love kitsch (like the pink colored soft edge framing), was also REALLY hard to watch, even though I am Sven-Tiki.

I think you either must have seen it in it's time, or be a Musical fan to appreciate it today. If re-staged, it would have to be done with a good dose of irony, thoughtfully and carefully administered, which is hard, and often slips into "spoofing", which I hate.
I am a stickler for un-altered authenticity, but some things just don't stand the test of time.

On 2003-03-06 14:03, bigbrotiki wrote:
I think you either must have seen it in it's time, or be a Musical fan to appreciate it today.

Guilty on both accounts (well, alMOST in its time), and Grand Fromage that I am, it is perhaps my favorite movie of all time, thankyouverymuch!

The Glenn Close version was dreadful. Can't make her "a woman of a certain age" - she's gotta be young, fresh, and kinda naive, certainly not a description of the woman with whom we now associate the boiling of pet rabbits in fits of adulterous rage.

Wish I coulda seen the version in D.C. But I can see the tiki from it in ikitnrev's living room next time I'm up there!

"Me Like...
You have good idea, Lieutenan!"


'South Pacific' was a success for the Arena Stage. After an early positive review in the Washington Post, the theatre broke a record by selling nearly $80,000 of tickets in one day. I think it has been a long time since 'South Pacific' was performed on Broadway, so a revival might be well received there.

I should mention that 'South Pacific' was the SECOND World War 2 era musical set in Pacific tropics that was produced in the DC area this year. The Studio Theatre also produced 'Privates on Parade,' which was set in Malaysia in 1948. While 'South Pacific' has a more wholesome apple pie feel to it, 'Privates' (first produced on stage in 1977) had more of a MAS*H feel to it - and also full frontal nudity.

I felt both musicals complemented each other well, although 'South Pacific' did have the better songs.


First of all, yah, Glenn Close was 30 pushing 40 years too old for the role for the tv remake.

As far as any ideas about it needing to be brought up-to-date... I say pshaw... The themes of racial prejudice and tolerance do stand the test of time and are relevent today - if not more important than ever.

And the silly boy meets girl and boy loses girl and good old fashioned sexism is just fine... It's Broadway Babay with a capital "B"
We saw the revival of Oklahoma on Broadway last year and it was wonderful - even the fantasy ballet scene - which always kind of vibed me a bit in the movie - seemed right at home on stage.

Stunrut, what do you play? C.B. wants to audition for the pit band, too! He played drums on a L.A. revival of Evita. And I wanna move to New York! Hey Thor - hook us up :wink:

Thor posted on Thu, Mar 13, 2003 11:12 AM

Thanks for the comments, sillies.

"South Pacific" might be cool if some of the more boring ballads (i.e. "Some Enchanted Evening")were speeded up, done with electric guitars, and more risque lyrics added. Haw Haw! Just a thought.
Sven is right(of course). The thing needs to be updated for the times-altered somewhat to give it more life.


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