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Name:Park Lyon Apartments
Street:500 N. Lyon Street
City:Santa Ana

A run down apartment complex in a trashy part of Santa Ana. Located near the intersection of I-5 and 4th Street. The complex is at the end of the cul-de-sac and can be seen traveling southbound on the I-5.

The complex is not much to speak of, but the pool area has a few remants.

Take a look over the fence and you will find a structural tiki suppport pole holding up the A-frame, the long abandoned and non-maintained tiki lamp that hung from the A-frame and this wonderful wall hanging in the back.

Happy Hunting!

Sigh! It used to look much better in its delapidated glory before that awful Miami Beach paint job. These pictures were taken in July 96 (see also BOT pages 63, and 218 for the sign, and a closer shot on p.107 in Tiki Modern):

This place used to be called the HANALEI, here is the orignal sign (with its whimsically flipped N )

The rec room is a nice example of a crossed A-frame, and the blue pool gave it that LA Polynesia feel

I always liked the Tiki support post for its naive style...

...but the mask is the height of whacky do-it-yourself Tiki:

I tried to bring out in this closeup what cannot be seen in the wider shots: The face is composed out of mother of pearl abalone shards and other sea shells!

Sven - Thanks for the flashback. Time marches on.....

I saw this out of the corner of my eye a while back driving in the carpool lane bridge. Tried to look for it yesterday while at the Santa Ana Zoo but.....
Good Ol' TC to the rescue!

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