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The Mauna Loa Apartments, Oceanside, CA (apartments)

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Name:The Mauna Loa Apartments
Street:1810 South Broadway
Phone:(760) 967-7977

About two blocks from the beach in Oceanside, The Mauna Loa has fabulous outriggers.

4WDTiki wanted to show me a very cool apartment complex near his house. He took me to The Mauna Loa Apartments.

I love these red doors and that great font.

The water feature is just inside the doors.

These outriggers are indeed fabulous.

The pool area was nothing to write home about, but I really enjoyed that the deck chairs had the name of the apartments on them.

My brother lived in those for about 3 years. He moved a couple of months ago. When he moved closer to the coast, he chose those apartments specifically because they were tiki! His apartment was the only one that carried the theme to the interior though. Can you imagine if tiki fans rented all of the apartments in a place like that? Imagine the parties!

These outriggers are indeed fabulous.

Thanks, Kate. Outriggers are similar to the ones that were found on the Kapu Tiki apartment complex up in Pico Rivera along Rosemead, but without the curves. Here was the design.

And then the beams in place.

Which were also found, at one time, down the road at the Port's Of Call Restaurant in San Pedro, CA. You can see them behind the Sampan in the Lagoon.

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