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Waikiki Motel, Disneyland/Anaheim, CA (motel)

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Name:Waikiki Motel
Street:631 W. Katella Avenue

The Waikiki Motel was located on Katella Avenue next to Disneyland.

Waikiki Motel, Anaheim, CA

I picked up some new postcards from the Waikiki Motel in Anaheim near Disneyland.

This is the exterior painting, looks like a copy of the Ken Kimes Tropics Hotel postcard paintings. Cool view of the Matterhorn in the backdrop.

This one is the pool scene with the Tiki Hut, Hawaiian ladies and fruit bowl that is in Tiki Modern.

Here is a split-view shot with the exterior neon sign and another pool scene with Hawaiian maidens and fruit. You can see the Tiki Hut in the back of the pool.

Here is the address and motel info.

Does anybody out there have a brochure or matchbook from this place?

Nice! Now that's LA for ya: Waikiki just in front of the Matterhorn! And the lady by the pool, enjoying the tropical fruits of the ...orange grove, home to Miehana!

does anybody know when that closed and was torn down?
I'm having a hard time recognizing it, and remembering it.

but thanks for posting.
great pics.



I don't know when it was closed down, and torn down or remodeled, but according to Google Maps, it is now the Desert Palms Hotel. It's almost directly on the corner of Katella and Harbor, just west of the intersection on Katella, next door to the 7-11. I couldn't get a decent view on Google Map's street view, so you think you can snap off a couple pics the next time you cruise by it, Jeff?

pics yes, I finally got a camera.
posting them thats a prob.
I'll try.


I just got a nice brochure from the Waikiki Motel by Disneyland. It has several of the same pictures as the postcards I posted before as well as a few more.

Also a listing of the things to do in the area map of the area with lots to do.

Cammo posted on Fri, Sep 12, 2008 6:13 PM

The horrible monstrosity that replacesd this place should be avoided at risk of life & limb. Just go to the Candy Cane Inn, owned by the same family for like 4795378 years, right beside Disneyland.

It's famous for constantly being badgered by DisneyInc. to sell the property, as it's actually kind of ON park grounds, but they will nevah sell. It's cute, convenient, has great breakfasts, shuttles to & from, and still has candy cane pens at the front desk if you ask for 'em.

Picked up another older brochure from the Waikiki Motel next to Disneyland.

The cover graphics

The Disneyland package deal

Some other fun things to do while in LA

Exciting air travel

Sad to see all of these places gone.


This is one of my favorite matchbook covers in a newly acquired collection:


I love the way they used to do this gold ink printing on matchbook covers from the 40's and 50's, so much classier than the foils. I really dig the logo it kind of reminds me of 60's/70's Orange Crush logos.


Nice score. How many matchbooks where in the collection you got?

Here is a comparison of some different versions of the Waikiki matchbook.

I have to agree with you, the one you posted is my favorite in style too.


Just the one for Waikiki Motel, it was a collection of tiki themed matchbooks totaling about 16. I didn't post a lot of them because they are already on TC.

I scored a nice letterhead set from the Waikiki.

Same matchbook logo on the envelope.

The stationary had a nice Tiki image added.

Borrowed from Trader Vic's of course. Except for the Waikiki Motel Tiki is kneeling.


Very cool Dusty, thanks for posting the stationary stuff. Now I finally see what some of those tiny symbols are supposed to be: a umbrella top view (presumably the paper kind found in drinks), and a grass hula skirt top view (notice it is not a complete circle and has a broken opening). Nifty!

A quick shot of the Waikiki Motel with its neon sign blinking, from some old home movies:


On 2014-03-28 22:00, Sabu The Coconut Boy wrote:
A quick shot of the Waikiki Motel with its neon sign blinking, from some old home movies:


Nice Work Sabu!

Another postcard type I picked up from the Waikiki Motel.

The obverse of the image from a card I posted earlier.


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