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Hey, do any of you receive the Toscano catalog? Known primarily for their reproductions of renaissance, gothic and classical art, this month, Toscano has gone Polynesian pop. They're offering a cast resin replica of a Ku-style tiki, and a fairly tall totem that looks to be styled after the totem that appears on the popular Disney Tiki Room vintage poster (both a little pricey). They also have a bunch of other, cheesier polynesian items. This year, the Tiki appears to have gone mainstream. If you don't get the catalog, the website for toscano is http://www.designtoscano.com/
click on the link for the Summer 2002 catalog.

$125 for the set of 2 Tikis seems reasonable compared to some prices I've seen. One is 24-1/2" and the other is 35-1/2". I may actually get these as I could never talk the wife into Boskos :wink:

Thanks for the tip and the link!

Patrick McNeal

[ Edited by: Biotron2000 on 2002-06-04 10:02 ]


I have the Ku-style one. It's a little small, but looks good for simulated wood, kind of cracked and weathered. Still, it's a good size for my SF apartment home bar. I think it was worth it.


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