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Trader Vic's in Scottsdale Arizona (AZ), Scottsdale, AZ (bar)

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Name:Trader Vic's in Scottsdale Arizona (AZ)
Street:6850 E Main St
City: Scottsdale
Phone:(480) 421-7799

Trader Vic's is located south of Indian School Road on 66th Street in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I know I was supposed to post most of this in a "trip report", but I didn't immediately figure out how to do that (I just came back from a night of Mai Tai and Scorpion drinking. :) My first choice for an operating Tiki bar in Arizona would have to be the Kon Tiki in Tucson, but this was a close second and MUCH closer to my home. My main criteria is, of course, foo-foo drinks with rum and umbrellas. This place had the drinks....

I understand that many in the area would choose the Bikini because it is an authentic, and still operating, Tiki bar. However, it is now a local beer joint that caters to the local arts crowd in during a monthly event called "First Fridays" and some possibly homeless, shoeless "gentlemen". There is nothing wrong with that, and I will probably check it out someday, but I wanted RUM dammit, NOT PBR!

The bartender was very knowledgeable about all things Tiki, "Trader Vic's", and threw in a bunch of "Don the beachcomber" stories as well. He also was quite versed in general Hawaiian history and several other subjects. There was no question as to his ability to mix a drink. Mine were quite good (even compared to Zelo's on the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii). As a matter of fact, one of the regulars came in with a bag of fresh grown basil. I found this odd, but was quite entertained when both bartenders started developing drinks right on the spot using basil as an ingredient (samples of both freely given to all at the bar that night!). One bartender created a concoction of basil, strawberries and a rum I didn't catch the name of -- surprisingly, quite good. The other created a variation on a gin and tonic based drink that involved mint and basil and it was also surprisingly good. (You don't see that everyday!) This display certainly proved that these gentlemen knew a thing or two about mixing drinks.

I was a little disappointed (and so were the staff) that the bar had so many south facing windows. Complaints have been registered with the architects. Hey, it is a "hotel bar" and I might even take advantage of the hotel some night so I can really sample the drink menu! Visit at night for the best dark Tiki ambiance. Given the limited choices in Arizona for the Tiki experience and especially the limited choices in the 5th largest city in the U.S., I would say that trader Vic's is a "best bet". If you don't like it, it is just down the road from the "Drift", which I will visit shortly and report on (other's reports are less than encouraging though).

Bring a friend and have the Scorpion (for four, but legally in AZ, two can enjoy). And the Mai Tai -- come on, it was invented at Trader Vics! While I was there another couple drank some kind of "Fog" drink that also sounded quite good, and came in a tiki mug, which I will try next time as they left quite happy and with friendly words for the rest of us on the way out.

Mahalo Vic's, I will be back.

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HURRY!!! Groupon has a deal on drinks for Trader Vic's Scottsdale

Pay $15 for $30 worth of drinks....or food. Coupon is good until August. Sale Ends Tomorrow!!!

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Giant bump as I am heading down to stay at the Hotel Valley Ho at the end of this month for some spring training games! Apparently we get 20% off at TV with our game ticket stubs...Dangerous!

Found some nice vintage shots of the hotel on this blog.

Any other hot Phoenix-area tips?


Acoustic Soul Nights? That spells trouble.

Info here also.


Some pix of the Scottsdale Trader Vic's

The back patio actually has beach sand you can sink your toes into!

Their signature drink at the Scottsdale location - made with tequila and prickly pear

Unfortunately, this Trader Vic's is closing after dinner service on July 30, 2011. Two weeks from now! :(


We need to change the Status to DEFUNCT --this Vic's closed for good Saturday night! RAZZ!
Scottsdale now has the proud dishonor of seeing TWO Trader Vic's open and close in its history!

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