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Kick The Reverb, You Okay Over There, Buddy?

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You still out there, Kick? Sounds like a more intense mess than usual in the past few days....


Hey Kick,
We have a mutual buddy, Gavin Sutherland of Reptile Records. He tells me you are going to be on his next Compilation CD. Are you still out there?

Hi BK & Al
Thanks for caring...I'm still here!
It's a mess here but we try to forge on.
Al - I think that's the "Heavy Surf 2" compilation IIRC.


That's good to hear....keep your head down and your eyes peeled! Those bastards are sore losers, aren't they?

BK- They sure are, and let's leave it at that for the fear of getting political :wink:
And to make this thread on topic - I'll try to take some panorama pics of the living room tonight and see if I can make something nice out of it. Gotta have some pics before we move out.
I'm still not sure if I should leave the Moai here when we move or ship it to the States.



You moving to the States?

Yep - moving to the States...
The wife was here for 4 years but she wants to go back home to Chula Vista, CA, and study at SD State University. She's leaving in May, and I'll be leaving after I finish wrapping things up around here and after I record a 3rd and final album with my band.
I'm still not %100 happy about it (I'm not sure if I could find a job, I have alot of stuff to ship, plus I think us Jews should be here), but I'm hoping for good.
After all, everybody who ever knew me told me I should move to the States because almost everything I like is easier to get/do over there.
I'm hoping by the time I leave, the upcoming war would be over (and hopefully our local war would be too), so I won't feel like I'm bailing out of my homeland in times of trouble. Anyway, I still intend to go back once a year to do my army reserve duties if possible.

The things you do for love... :wink:



Glad to hear you're moving here, but I understand you divided loyalties. Life is about hard choices sometimes.

Anyway, you're now withing partying distance of most of us So Cali tiki freaks.

See you soon!

Thanks Bong!
What kills me though, is that I'll be missing (and already missed) all the great events that are taking place in the next few months (Oasis, Viva Las Vegas, Hukilau, etc...)

Well - I sure hope James (Tikibars) is wrong in saying this summer is gonna be the last "good" Tiki summer before it gets too popular.


yo reverb!, glad your still kicking. it would be cool to have you here in the states.the loyalty thing i can understand..but there are far more jews here than there anyway!.if you get homesick, i will take you to the beach, roll you around in the sand and shoot around your feet while yelling "allah w' akbar" if it would comfort you!.now that should get some folks raving!. peace to you and yours. erich

Two wheelin' - you crack me up!
To have the full effect you'd need to blow a bus or two and make sure the sharpnel contains hepatitis B :wink:


i just checked out the pics of your pad. too cool for words.you belong here in the land of fruits and nuts(calif.).i say you pack the big plaster head with C4 and mail it to any of the terrorist orgs of your choice(the ones that oppose a palistinian state) and remote detonate!. the faster you get here , the better!.and stay off those damn buses!.peace. TWT

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