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Milan Guanko Tiki found in Tennessee!

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Milan Guanko Tiki
We just bought this guy in an antique mall here in Knoxville. We'd seen him about 2 years ago and went back last week to see him still there. We were not sure he would sell it. It had a high price tag and sure enough, when we asked today he said he didn't want to sell it. But we asked and he made an offer that was in our ballpark and we took it. We had already researched it. On page 248 of BOT, on the far left you'll see one very much like it. He's over 6 feet tall on his stand. The BOT says Guanko was prolific. So just how many of his tiki's are out there today? If any of you have postcards, etc. of The Islander or other places he carved for mentioned on 249 of BOT, please examine them for our new fella.

Nice score Swanky.
Check out the "Who carved these?" thread, we think these might be Guanko's as well.

"Wellll, I-wish-I-waaas-in-the-land-of-cotton...." :) :) :o

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That Bigbro semi-pedigree doesn't hurt you too much either. You have the opinion of the Isreal Sack of tiki on your side!

Yes, we did send pics to Sven and asked for his verification before buying. He said it was most definitely a Guanko.

It looks so nice in our new house!


I just recently scored one too- they are the BEST!

Same "kicked in the nuts" motif as yours, but mine is sticking out his tongue

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GECKO posted on Sun, Mar 9, 2003 9:13 PM

nice job on gettin that tiki! no dought that came from da filipino master carver Guanko. auwie! being half filipino i think you should sell it to me Swanky. keep it in the blood line....I know da saying "what evas"

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