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Aloheee- My names Octavio Winkytiki and I just joined ! Theres so many familiar names here--feel just like in the islands!I'm a big lover of all tikis and pinupgals alike- so once in a while I put them together in some of my photos-

well Ill come and partake often! yay!

Luki posted on Sun, Mar 9, 2003 12:18 AM


You rock, your pictures rock, your web site rocks. Laughed very hard quite a few times reading stuff you wrote...please keep it coming.

One thing though...nice going charging 2x for glamour shots than the more tame variety, especially considering you get 2x the personal enjoyment out of 'em :wink:


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I liked this one:


Wink, do you sell prints or just the photographer's watch?


I've been waiting all my life for your website.

Trader Woody

My dream: that Octavio could do the photography for the Tiki Central Calendar! (Of course, I don't think anyone was really planning on spending the bucks for professional shots, but a girl can dream!)

Octavio, !hasta que por fin! Welcome aboard.I love your pics/art.

Senor, you are my new Short Duration Personal Savior.

[ Edited by: KahunaMilu on 2003-03-10 12:07 ]

hey guys- thanks for the kind words-
theres gonna be plenty more exotica inspired photoshoots comin up-
I just licensed some of my exotica and pinup images to a manufacturer of novelty items- so expect to see tiki pinups, nightlamps and all kinds of cool stuff at your local "koolstuff" store-
I sooo love this site!

Hey Octavio its almost my big 40 B day do you think Amanda and Jenny want to do a private Tiki and Mai Tai Party? Great Shots are you going to do a 2004 calendar? Maybe I can help.

hey- hehe..Im sure I can make it happen-
you'know 'em fruity drinks have aphrodisiac powers-
trust your lucky tiki on this one!

Exactly!!! - I will have my rum and Tiki CD ready -

Welcome Home, Octavio!
I've been a Fan for a while (of yours, of Tiki, of Pin-ups...). Glad you finally found the rest of us.
Your name has actually come up in here more than a time or two. Check out this thread: http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?mode=viewtopic&topic=1389&forum=1&start=0 .
See ya 'round!

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