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GECKO posted on Tue, Jun 4, 2002 1:50 AM

Aloha everyone! I'm a local carver here on da islands. I'm looking for any locals that collect and love the ways of old polynesian style tiki bars. My favorite hang out is "La Mariana" Great place for talk story! you can sit at old Don the Beachcomber tables. See Trader Vic fish lamp floats and vintage Tiki's. If anyone comes to da islands I'll be da local boy with the HUGE puka shell lei at the bar. Come say hello and buy me one of Tito's Mai Tai's while we talk story about TIKIs an mo TIKIs! If your local give me an email and we can go have a drink sometime soon ya! You will never find the bar if your're a tourist because it's not in downtown Waikiki. That's where most of the tourist stay. It's a nice hide away since the 40's. Mahalo to all the fun people I met that purchased my Tiki's while I was in Oceanside CA last month!!


I've seen your carving at the new "Bamboo to you" in leucadia and at "Momalani's Island Traditions" in Oceanside. Really, really good stuff. David and Perlina tell me you come to Oceanside from time to time. Let me know next time you're in town and we'll have a Mai-tai


What's up bra! This is Kevin. You stopped by mine and Debbie's house in Huntington Beach a month or two ago. We picked up the cool carved tiki bar sign and the 3' tiki. For all you Tiki Centralites, Gecko's stuff is da kine! He's true to tradition and a good dude! How's your bed and breakfast idea coming along? Debbie and I will be among your first visitors. Hey! keep in touch, next time you're in Surf City stop by and I'll mix up some Mai Tais.


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GECKO posted on Wed, Jun 5, 2002 1:10 AM

Aloha Kevin and Al. Did u get my email Al? well Howz da mai tais flowin Kevin? Do you still have my Trader Vic glass? ha ha...I'm sure i'll be seing you guys back on the islands soon. So, we will meet up at the bar for some drinks. Tell your wife I said hello. Your daughter has to sing Bali Hai for me again if she comes with. I'll take You up on the mai tais the next time I'm on the mainland. That way I can check out the new stuff you guys have and I can see Tangaroa once more. Mahalo Kevin & Al!

Although Tiki Cove sounds like a mythical place, I lived in Kailua from 1969 to 1975. Kailua High School Surfrider. My wife and I hope to get out to the islands next year and will defineitely look you up. Aloha till then.

I'd like to check out some of your work. Do you have any pics posted?

Check out Gecko's stuff on "Carving Post" topic. It's pretty damned amazing and is very true to the traditions, which I like.


Here's my Gecko... and might I say it is absolutely beautiful!

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More Gecko


I'll be visiting Oahu for a friend's wedding in late May. I would love to experience some tiki with da local Gecko. I'm starting to plan my trip. Any recommendations? Cheap hotel, good food, tiki sight-seeing...All I know is that the wedding is on the North Shore. Thanks in advance.

GECKO posted on Thu, Feb 6, 2003 1:39 AM

get my email manic cat?

We found Gecko and Tiki Royale at the swap meet at Aloha Stadium ~ and met for drinks at La Mariana... along with Gecko's lady (yes, ive forgotten her name already!) and Gecko's bruddah!

heres the evidence:

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Mike, I dig your shirt!

GECKO posted on Wed, Nov 26, 2003 1:15 PM

it was nice to meet you two. Hope da other islands was just as beautiful during the remainder of your trip in paradise.


oh ya, Bong, Tanks. wun a my fav shirts


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GECKO posted on Mon, Dec 1, 2003 3:15 PM

Well Filslash, what are you waiting for my good friend, start recruiting! let them locals know TC is waiting and yes we gotta all get together fo some SUCK'EM UP!!


Well, Obake sez he'll be more active on the board.

Kory, who is a painter, and has some swell work for sale at the Mirror Store on Kapiolani, and promises to look at TC, and maybe join.

Hey, Gecko and fellow tiki nuts...

I just returned home (Portland, OR) last night from a two-week vacation on Oahu. (Yes, I got to experience all those lovely storms.)

However, early in the trip--before the storms--was my favorite experience of the trip. The friends I stayed with took us to La Mariana on a Friday night.

Wow! It just doesn't get any better than this. Too bad I just discovered this forum today, or I would have looked you up, Gecko.

The food SUCKED, but of course that's not what La Mariana is about. It was a beautiful evening. We were just about the only non-locals in the place, and--even at 42--by far the youngest.

It was so wonderful seeing all the people get up and belt their favorite songs. It was quite obvious many of the older folks had been professional entertainers at some point in their lives. Everyone was so decked out too. The women had such beautiful dresses and flowers in their hair. The men wore their finest aloha shirts and there were leis everywhere. I was in Polynesian heaven!

My friends even convinced me to take my turn at the piano where I proceeded to croon my own version of "Moon River".

All in all...one of the great nights in my life. I'm dying to go back to that little wood shack!


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