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Tahiti, Santa Monica, CA (restaurant)

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Street:327 broadway
City:Santa Monica

So far this is the only thing I found.

I have this postcard from the Tahiti South Seas restaurant. What a great looking pre Poly Pop place this was. It was owned and operated by H.A. Klabunde.

Another one of the many Rain on the Roof places of the era.

Another matchbook type.

Sven saw my postcard and told me that he met the Klabunde family and included these photos from them in the BOT. I'm sure he has more of the story to tell.


DC, I met the grand daughter of the owner only ( she is a Tiki fan and sometimes burlesque performer), she gave me the family photo, and the Hula girl one, for the BOT - nice pieces to illustrate my story points.

Here is another matchbook from the Tahiti in Santa Monica.


Wow, what a great logo! That would make fine tatoo.

GROG posted on Mon, Oct 12, 2009 3:14 PM

Not THAT one! :roll: :wink:

I was just going thru some old TIKI NEWS and found this article by the above mentioned relative in #12 from October 1997. Had forgotten all about it, here ya go, D.C.:


Hey that's where the Broadway Deli is now. http://www.yelp.com/biz/broadway-deli-santa-monica

If you're ever in the mood for overpriced bad food, check it out.

But do check out Copa d'Oro down the street for some master mixology. They have several rum-based drinks on the menu.


Saw this on Mimi's site and felt it belonged here, too:

THAT is some pretty fine pre-Tiki artwork!


One of my favorite early menu covers ! It was inspired by this 1941 Matson Mariposa cruise brochure:

Great stuff on those menus.

I picked up this old matchbook cover from the Tahiti that was a Christmas time edition with the three wise men and palm trees.

It also advertised Herman Klabunde's other restaurant, The Tropic Isle located in Venice.
See more on that one here:


An old-school classic.


The ashtray......

Here is a drink menu I just got from the Tahiti South Seas in Santa Monica. The cover.

That saying sounds somewhat familiar (a borrow from Don the Beachcomber!)

The drinks, some cool old names from back in the day.

This was one of the really great pre-tiki places in LA.


Recent postcard aquisition from the Tahiti South Seas in San Monica with a nice description of the environs and a picture of the native entertainers.


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