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Any Batik artists out there? I wanted a Batik Tiki shirt and Kirby ( http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=23785&forum=12&vpost=300236&hilite=batik ) already sold all of his, so I thought I give Batik a shot. I think I ended up with too much crackle effect- too much black, especially in the yellow. Seems like it obscures the design (a Dennis Mathewson Tiki Master design) I also batiked a matching hatband for a Cammo-style hat.

I used a 50/50 parafin/beeswax mixture, maybe I needed less parafin and more beeswax? I scrunched the waxed shirt some before dyeing it, maybe that cracked the wax too much? This was done with the traditional vat dyeing method, anyone have any experience with pool dyeing batik? ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpsya4kjeEc )

thats neato!

One of the Mysterious Mysteries of Mystery on Tiki Central is how often excellent craft projects, art, and really informative posts get posted and sink with hardly any comments made by others.

I thought people would be all over this shirt.

The shirt looks great, and for a first time effort I think it's extremely impressive. It's also way cooler than batik shirts I've seen which were actually made in Batikiland*****.

You think there's an issue with the tiki on back but I don't think it's the crackling. The design, especially around the mouth, is a little too detailed. A slightly simplified design (in this case with either larger fields of red or yellow) would render a stronger image. (But if the design is too simple it's going to just look like a geometric abstract.) That said I wouldn't look at the shirt and think you were reaching beyond your grasp. I look, see a tiki, then elements of its design come into focus.

In design and execution the front of the shirt is excellent. The pocket tikis are subtle but recognizable, reminding me of Witco or Bosko designs.

*****I know, I know...Batik doesn't come from Batikiland. It's a traditional craft of the Batikonesian Republic.


Dang MD....I didn't see this one. Ok, so you carve wood, build ceramics, make your own killa shirts! Is there anything you won't dive into? Your an animal! Keep pushing those different mediums. It's time to buy you a welder :)

You coming down for the mugs you fired in my kiln , or do you want me to mail to ya? Missed you at Oasis brother.

i critique your batik as sleek and unique

Thank you all for the kind comments (and for the kool-kat poetry from Johnny Dollar).

Woofmutt, I think you're right about the color fields being too small and/or detailed. The somewhat muted colors don't provide enough contrast between the red and the yellow. The pocket tikis were supposed to be miniature versions of the back, but my tjanting (wax applying tool) was too big and everything ran together. Like painting with a firehose.

Babalu, funny you should ask. My son-in-law has a MIG/TIG welder and a CNC plasma cutter. I don't know how to use either but I've got plans for a metal volcano patio fire-pit for this winter. I'll keep trying until I either find something I'm good at or become woefully incompetent at EVERYTHING! :lol:

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