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Panorama Pics of our place

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Hi Fellow Tiki Centralites, here are a few pics of our place, some of them are grouped together in panorama.

The view from the roof stairs to the living room door (note the SHAG pics in the corridor)

Inside the living room

Here are some close ups of the display cabinet:

The bottom one is where we keep most of our Tiki birthday cards, and the plastic Moai party mugs.

We're moving in May and it will be a while until we'll have a place of our own, so I'm using this opportunity to post the pics, cause I'll have nothing to show you folks in the next year or two.


From the Land of the $27 Myers's

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Cool pics,

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Hi Al - thanks ! you got me first...I was editing it and did not notice you fixed it.


Wow! I sure wish I had known you when I was last over there! That is one stylin' pad you've created. Sorry to hear it'll be dismantled, but welcome to California. Now that you'll be among the Hoity Toities (and one of us), there will be no problem rebuilding your tiki palace any way you can imagine! Looking forward to meeting you upon your arrival. Keep us up to date so we can welcome you in proper Tiki Central style!

-Weird Uncle Tiki

Ran, that's definitely a cool pad. Can't wait till you make it Stateside. Don't worry about taking the MOAI with you - you can rebuild one here (and I'll help you).

The moai is the one thing I'd pack to bring to the states! Its amazing!

Ran... in picture three, is that a surfboard at the top of the stairs? Just wondering... I've heard of people surfing in Israel... the surfing is sort of what we do on the Great Lakes here...

Nice work, especially on the displays... love the moai too...

Welcome soon to the states!

Thanks for the replies...
I'll definitely notify my Stateside arrival, weirduncletiki & PolynesianPop.
BTW -weirduncletiki - when you were here (five years ago?) We did not even leave in this place, and at that time I havn't even dreamed about building a big Moai.
TikiGoddess - thanks, I still havn't started pricing shipping, so I dont know yet. One thing I do know is I have at least 3 big spaeker cabinets (for guitar and bass amps) that I have to ship, so if I'm doing that the Moai will have to find its way to the container.
Lake Surfer - that is a surf board - sharp eyes! It's actually a junk shortboard thatr my wife found in a trash heap outide our house. She painted it and it has our band's name on it, we use it as a prop for shows.
We don't surf, but there a lot of people that surf in Israel, though the waves are not as big as Pacific ocean waves.
Here's a better pic of the surfboard



ho, dats cherry KTR! get mo peopo into da kine ova de

And that's a Dead Kennedy's poster on the wall!

Trader Woody
(Land of the $23 Meyers's)

What a lovely lounge. It has a spacious, relaxing feel. And that Moai is fantastic. Oh, move it if you can!!

I noticed that DK poster too!

Perhaps I shouldn't say this..but...I met Jello Biafra recently. In fact, I hung out with him and his girlfriend Stephanie, who is, I might add, incredibly nice and pretty--and quiet, solid, a smart gal, no dumb ornament. I thought to myself, if my high school friends could see this, they'd just soil themselves with shock. Because although we were all totally into punk, we were also too weird, nerdy and rebellious to affect the punk "look"--ya know, ripped leather, mohawks, whatever. And I was the shyest, nerdiest one of all--mosh pit, me?! Never. I might break my glasses! So far from cool, what a joke.

And now, twenty years later, I find that he's...a hyperintelligent, funny, rather...oh dear, I gotta say it...nerd. And, he's also older, broke (having been, near as I can tell, royally screwed legally and personally by his former bandmates), and his knee still hurts from the time he got the crap kicked out of him at Gilman Street by some idiot punk posers who called him a "rich rock star." Mostly, though--he's just a nice guy--friendly, and entertainingly off-kilter.

Of course, I tend to like thorny, obnoxious people--as long as they have kind hearts, sharp brains and decent intentions (however well-hidden). He fits the bill. So although I'm sure a lot of people can't stand him, he was fine by me.

What I liked best--he's still feisty. I told him, "you really get off on annoying the hell of annoying people, don't you" and he gave me the devilish grin.

Although I am not much for gushy fandom, I have to comment that the DK recording of "Viva Las Vegas" is still my favorite. Elvis and all, yep.

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By the way, I suppose I shoulda started a new thread for that..but...er...

sorry. My brain lost too many neural pathways on the Crawl...


Thanks for sharing that story tikivixen!

I remember going to Tijuana to see the Dead Kennedys in the early 80s and getting arrested for drinking a beer on the street. Luckily, we got bailed out of jail and made it back to the show in time to see the band!

Thanks Gecko - that's what I try to do...
Trader Woody & tikivixen - sharp eyes...and vixen, thanks for sharing.
BTW - what you can't see - the cane material on the living room wall, the side with the clock, is covering 2 big photocopies of the 2 sided poster from "fresh fruit for rotting vegetables" which I seem to have hanging in every place I lived.
Also - the lampshade in the corridor is an Elvis lampshade (it came out too bright).
here's a better view:


P.S. My wife says she had pizza with Jello and Bob Beyerle (from Tit Wrench) :wink:

From the Land of the $27 Myers's

[ Edited by: kick_the-reverb on 2003-03-15 10:55 ]

Tikivixen, the whole Jello/DK's clash seems a sad & real shame. East Bay Ray (Or is it Klaus?) is heavily involved with Tiki in SF and the casual DK's fan will probably find it difficult to know who is 'in the right' with the whole debacle. Personally, I think that both sides appear to have their heads screwed on tight, and so perhaps they need to get together and practice hardcore diplomacy.

Ran - your pad is always a pleasure to see. I
hope you realise that when you depart to the US, you'll no longer start the Tiki Central day.........

Trader Woody

Hey Trader Woody - thanks...you know I did not realize I was starting the day, I always think I'm lagging behind everyone else because by the time I get to reply to a post everybody already had their discussion.


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