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Washington DC Trip

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Hey everyone (DCTiki especially)!

I'll be on a business trip from this Thursday night, 13 March until Tuesday 18 March in the afternoon.

Are there any DC Tiki places I should hit?
I already plan on ordering a Navy Grog at Trader Vic's - Any other places of note?



Just found out there is no longer a Trader Vic's in DC.

That stinks.


Check out our "area" website for more details

Politiki is worth a visit, although it tends to be sort of "frat boy"-ish
Honolulu restaurant in VA is special. This tiki bar review pages link mentions the few DC tiki places.



Thanks for the great links - Since I'll be on expense account, perhaps I'll hit Honolulu.

It is to bad that you will not be here on the 22nd when we are all getting together.

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jtiki posted on Thu, Mar 13, 2003 8:36 AM


be prepared - Honololo is the most authentic tiki place in the area, the owner was a bartender at the old tradervic's , but it is also an old chinese restaurant in a very meagerly appointed stop along the highway. I wouldn't qualify Polotiki as frat-boy, more capitol-hill interns, oddly enough Polotiki seems to be one of the favorite haunts of the Galludett students (DC's college for the hearing impaired.)

for real authenticity - there is on Moai somewhere in the smithsonian


How did your trip turn out. Did you make it to the Honolulu.


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