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Framed Artwork

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I don't know if you have already found this guy on your own but check out his work. It's pretty phenominal what he can do with frames and matting. I just had him frame an oversized Tiki Room print (30x40) in the same style as the one on his website. He hand cuts the matte design and color coordinates it with the print. Check it out.



I think you get the idea. I was thinking, "yeah it looks good at 72 dpi on the web but when I drove to Costa Mesa to pick it up. I was floored! It looked incredible.

No I am not associated with this guy in the slightest, I just thought that an artistic crowd such as this could appreciate it and give him some business.

Here is the link to his site.


Da Monkeyman

Sorry, I'm a TC rookie. Let me try that again.


Zoinks, zowie, byooteeful! I lust for one to put on my Shag "Three Musicians" print now...


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