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It's 6:50 am here, and I just wqke up from a dream in which myself and some fellow Tiki Centralites were walking down Queen St here in Toronto, and in the window of one of the antique stores I saw a tiki mug in amongst the junk... I rushed in (fellow TCers behind me) and we started grabbing everything that looked like a mug, only to find it wasn't - THERE'S ONE! Oh, wait, that's a beer stein. THERE'S ONE! Oh, wait, that's just a Myers Rum Bottle. THERE'S ONE! No, that's just an elaborately decorated vase. THERES ONE! No, it's just a Benihana's mug...


Must I be denied by Tiki even in my dreams?

About 6 months ago, I had a dream that I was out thrifting and came across a tiki mug I'd never seen before on a cluttered shelf in some out of the way thrift store. When I picked it up, I noticed that there was an equally rare, mug behind it. And as I picked that one up, I noticed yet another behind that one. At that point I started to notice that the whole shelf unit was FULL of tiki mugs large and small that I've never seen before! As I started to fill my cart with them, I pondered how I was going to pay for them all since I only came in with $20.00.

It didn't matter...I woke up at that point...


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