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Houston Chop

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All Houston local carvers I am trying to organize a chop before summer ends. If you are Interested let me know I think it would be cool to meet some people that have the same interest in tiki carving as I do. Check out my work at MySpace.com/txtiki, Mahalo !

Right on! I've got a nephew in Houston I'll tell about your chop. Is the wood dry enough?

With the most recent carnage that ran over us here I have come across lots of different types of wood but not much that is dry yet

my ex-beau, whom I made become a carver so he could make me tikis (how's THAT for smart!) has found all sorts of wood. Downed palms right in our neighborhood!

He's stunned to see how easy to cut other woods are than pecan! :lol:
(stubborn stubborn stubborn! "Try palm! It's like butter!" "But I have this pecan from the back yard tree." "But it's ROCK!" NOW he gets it!)

We'll both be there, Hon! Keep in touch!
Formikahini, in the Heights


hey neck down

i'm new to tikicentral and formikatini just told me about the chop you want to do here in houston. don't know how much damage you got and hope that you survived unscathed but i am definately interested in a chop/class. i've been working with pecan(hard as rocks) and just started using basswood(much better) i just scored 3 large pieces of a felled palm and a 15-18 foot palm that i have to go salvage tomorrow. unfortunately i work tues - sat in the evenings and all day sunday. if we can work something out loved to get that chop going. i know formikatini is interested as well. take care and let me/us know.


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