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Rum Bar, Philadelphia, PA (restaurant)

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Name:Rum Bar
Street:2005 Walnut Street

Hi-end lounge that specializes in rum drinks. Once a week they host "Tiki Tuesday" with tropical drink specials. Free "tiki" themed trinkets are also scattered across the bar (when I was there it was rubber duckies wearing Hawaiian shirts and teddy bears in grass skirts). More information can be found on their webpage: http://www.rum-bar.com/

Very little in the way of Tiki decor or atmosphere. Drinks and food were fine. Tiki in name only.

[ Edited by: Zombieki 2008-09-09 20:31 ]

I just came back from a conference in Philadelphia and I stopped by to check this bar out. They have a stack of the gray and red Drei Moai Bowls by Squid/Tiki Farm, but that's about it for actual Tiki decorations. However, they have an excellent sampling of rums. I went with a friend and we both had a shot of Kilo Kai rum. Then we tried their ginger daiquiri and a dark-n-stormy. All good and the bartender was very attentive. I didn't try their food, but we were on a bit of a pub crawl and this was just one of the stops along the way. Worth checking out, though.

Rum bar goes back to tiki with tiki thursdays starting 2/24/11
featuring 5 tiki cocktails served in mugs, a polynesian menu and captain taylor's revenge; a rum punch serving 8 served in a monkey's head shaped bowl!

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visited Rum Bar this past weekend. no tikis to be found - but the cocktail list was decent. the zombie was more like the 70's version, but tasty. did not try the mai tai as it purported to contain pineapple juice. the painkiller was great, the rum punch #3 and the macadamia daiquiri are highly recommended. their dark and stormy looked good, but did not have one. despite online reviews to the contrary, the food was very good and complimented the cocktails well.

On 2008-09-09 20:30, Zombieki wrote:
Name:Rum Bar
[ Edited by: Zombieki 2008-09-09 20:31 ]

sadly rum bar has closed. the landlord decided to not renew their lease.


I'm finally traveling back to Philly next weekend, and was excited to go to the Rum Bar, after being told of it's wonderful selection by Martin...to find that it's closed.

I am saddened, as I had planned on trying the Black Tot.

had the opportunity to go there a year ago. we had a great time. very sad to see it go.


some punch, i forget which...


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