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Just got our "God of the Luau" tiki from Toscano and we're very impressed. This little guy (24") is made of solid cast resin and finished to look like old, carved palm wood. They did a fantastic job on the finish and it really looks like wood, even from close up. An authentic tiki like this would have put us out far more than the $50 we spent on it. You can see it on their website at http://www.designtoscano.com. They also have a moai and what looks to be an Enchanted Tiki Room-inspired design. These have been discussed on this list in the past, but I don't know if anybody else has ordered one yet, so I thought I'd post a review.


And they have a set of Tiki Mugs. Oh lord. The world of Tiki Mugs just gets bigger and bigger!

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