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I will apologize in advance if I am not successful in loading this image.

This is a photo of the front of my garage from Halloween in 2001. I spent two months and $300 on cardboard and paint to build a monunment to Spongebob for my kids. The Moai is 9 feet tall and the door opening was the entrance to my garage that had 4 huge flourescent murals and bamboo fencing. I made a custom soundtrack that looped Spongebob audio. My 3 year old daughter is dressed in her custom foam costume that my wife made. My son was dressed as Patrick. On halloween night I had lights on the exterior and black lights inside. The neighborhood kids loved it. This year is Peter Pan. If you want to see more photos let me know. The best part was when I found an elementary school to donate it too and got a $300 tax write off in the process.

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That looks fantastic!! Your kids are lucky! Great job!

That's all just cardboard? Amazing!


I think I stand for everyone when I say...Yes more pics. That looks awesome.

Damn - That's friggin sweet! My kids would definitely LOVE that. They'd never let me give it away!

That is the coolest thing EVER! Definately blows my "Boogie-bot" costume out of the water. If you lived up in Santa Cruz you could of rented it out as housing and cleaned -up. Definately nicer than some of the crab holes I have lived in. I bet your kids are treated like rock stars on the playground.


That looks great! Isn't Spongebob the greatest? Love the costume too! Very nice!


Kim posted on Fri, Mar 14, 2003 11:05 AM

Oh, wow! I love it, and I'm sure your kids were wild with delight!

Definitely post more pictures... I'm looking forward to seeing more!

It reminds me of something I was considering earlier (and perhaps folks did this last Halloween), but any noteworthy Halloween-y-tiki should be flouted on the board. I know the husband and I will be doing our damndest to get a Haunted-Tiki area in the haunted house we volunteer at this year...

[ Edited by: Kim on 2003-03-14 11:05 ]

Can't wait to see what you do with Peter Pan!

Wow. What great responses! Thanks for all the kind words. When I get home tonight I will post a few more pics of the murals on the inside. The best part of the whole process was listening to neighborhood kids screaming in delight as they ran down the street toward our house on halloween. We had a crowd of 20-30 people just standing out front the whole night.

I was contemplating having a luau at my home this summer and honing my cardboard skills again to build tiki/luau props for it.

I'll keep you posted.

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Holy-SpongeBob, that's awesome! I'm now very inspired to do something with my new garage this Halloween. That's some amazing work there.

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