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Hey, I'm new to the tikiroom and forum format. forgive me if I break some rules & point me in the right direction please!!! I have a new website up & would like some feedback. sorry the sight is so crude, but no money yet & this is what I could get for free. I'd love any suggestions for both carvings and the website - http://tikisbytyler.com . Also looking for friends that enjoy tiki life :tiki:
Here's a little sample of my style:

This guy's in a live tree that hang's over the intracoastal waterway in Pablo Creek, FL

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Trying to get back to the basics & diversify my carving skills. First easter Island style piece made immediate friends with my youngest:

Spending a lot less time with my chainsaw and a lot more with my chisels. To view my full site go to http://tikisbytyler.com


Hey Tyler, the Moai looks good. It's good that you are getting into more chisel work as that produces more finer detail and is the next progression from the chainsaw and grinder. Just keep practicing, every tiki is just practice for the next one.

Another variation from my old style. Still haven't let go of the big toothy grin altogether, but he's got more personality i think.

COOL! The first one's a LIVING tiki!!
Thanks fer postin'

Worked on my first body this afternoon, WAY different line structure than i'm used to. I think he's shaping up though.

This piece of sable palm was just begging for this shape!

If it ever stops raining here I'll put in some work on this guy. That is, if I also stop working 13 hour days in the restaurant. Can someone suggest some good chisels and where to get a better mallet? I'm carving with an old rubber mallet i found in my pop's garage and some chisels that won't seem to hold an edge for *#@%!!! Actually, does anyone have any advice on carving a mallet? I have a nice chunk of ash wood that is about the right size.

Gave the Moai some sedona red and urethane:

think it suits him well

Progress on the Hawaiian. I'm not sure where to go with his eyes? Or how to go about shaping the hands. Anyways, he's been a great learning experience so far.

Any feedback out there???

Here's a bust I was asked to decorate for a local charity event benifitting the elementary school's art program. Not thrilled with the way it turned out, but limited time. This is the first relief on a flat surface for me.

New guy should be shipping off to Canada soon!
That is if he's not too heavy.

Been working on the traditional guy today. One of my neighbors says he's Kuka 'Ilimoku, one says Kanaloa. What do you guys think???

Whatever, he's still got a long way to go. I really need to get some real chisels & gouges. These old rusty straight edges SUCK!!!!


It's Hard to say WHO he is but you Really captured the Traditional Hawaiian tiki look, Excellent stuff!

Anybody out there sell me some good chisels cheap??? I'm working with 3 crappy straight edges & a light weight rubber mallet here.

Progress on Traditional Hawaiian:

Still got some work to do on his head. Any suggestions on stain? Light? Dark? Waddya think?


You're getting some Darned Excellent looking tikis there. I prefer medium dark, but the light looks like it will work too!

Been playing with some different looks! None of them are sanded or finished yet and the sun wasn't out for the pictures but here they are! Also have two 5 foot plus logs drying for potential traditional styles. Nice & FAT. I want to try my hand at a Lono type & maybe a Marq to broaden my range.

The last one is back to the old Florida style for a lady that owns a local shop. She buys containers from Bali & this is what she wants - go figure!

Love some feedback!

Your tikis are looking good. You have definitely caught the carving bug. Keep experimenting with different styles and traditional stuff.
You can do a lot with cheap flat chisels. So keep using them until you can afford a set of Flexcuts. Keep those tikis coming! :)

Hey Savage,
Thanks for the kind words,man. I was checking your thread today - AMAZING! I really dig your stuff.


Tyler, you are coming along strong, your tikis are getting better and will continue to get more detailed as long as you keep trying to figure out how to make them better. GREAT WORK, OR, is it PLAY..? You know you can't fool the fool, so NO Slackin' now back to WORK!
:P :D

progress shots. put some fire & sand to em this mornin.

little more definition.
don't know what to call the guy with the stepped nose? he just kinda came out of the wood & my head.
Local trading co. wants a description - what do you call this?

Post more pics soon - local art fest on Dec. 6th wants me to do a live carving on site - like in front of people! Wanna do it, but kinda self conscious - any advice out there?

Anyway, headed to work.


Late Welcome to you. Let me say you have some
Great carves already you are a natural!
A full size Ku (or what ever you want to call him)
already WOW! NICE work.
More more

Looking good. Do the art show! If it sucks, don't do another - it could turn out great. Plus, its a great way do drum up business. I would suggest you go into it with the goal of motivating business not to carve. You'll probably spend most of your time talking. Good Luck

Great start to a promising tiki carving career! Nice depth, Now lets see that stain. Great job.

Stain on the Ku today & the first coat of finish!!!
I've been learning a lot from doing things differently than I've done in the past.
That said - I would never have chosen a dark stain for this guy, but took Benz' advice & went with special walnut head to toe. Wow, I like that!

Got the next victim on the blocks! It kind of bows forward in the center & about 5'6" so I think I'm going for a Lono style carve!

Also scooped up this arsenal from a lot clearing down the street:
Couple of real nice ones in there. The big one is about 7'8"
There is one more behind the fence that has to weigh about 900# - I can't figure out how to get it thru the gate!

Anyways, I'm off to cook for the masses - maybe I'll break into the lono tomorrow.

Your Tikis look great. Nice texture & distinctive look. Definite eye catchers.
I must say, I covet your Palm logs. They are hard to find here in Tucson.
Keep on keepin on.

Hi everyone!!!

Thanks, Doc for your kindness. if you ever find yourself way down here for some reason, give me a shout! There's always a log on the choppin' block for ya.

Thanks to everyone for your input. I would never have attempted any of the things I've learned from you guys in the last couple of months. I'm really glad this site is here!

Just wanted to post a couple progress shots. Got a start on the 5'6" this morning. Started ouot with the goal of stripping the log today before i went to work. Next thing ya know:

Well, I'm off to work again!
Thanks for your time!


Tyler that last Ku looking tiki is your Best yet I believe, but I also think that title may be short-lived by the looks of your upcoming Lono. Just take your time and concentrate on your nice precise lines. go for more sanding/grinding and less burning and step up production to about 4 of these a day and you will be doing great!

Well I Do exaggerate a bit don't I? Excellent stuff.

Yeah, Benz! 4 of these a day should be a breeze, huh? if had one of those Doc Octopus backpack thingies!
Wow now I really want one of those.

But thanks for the encouragement!

Here's a little update:
Not a lot of work, but some progress this morning.

Thanks fer stoppin by!!!

Wow love your work! You are coming on strong!

Keep going Tyler...big steps in a short time! Like where you are
going with your carving...and I see by your website that you've sold
a few too. That's more than I can say...Keep up the good work.

A little more progress this morning:

Camera phone photo, sorry about quality.
Body shape is starting to come together, mouth taking definition, made some decisions about the back of the head dress. Never seen what others do about the back of these guys. Any photos or links?

Thanks, Conga! It feels like baby steps when I look at what some of the carvers here are doing.

Seeks, I appreciate the kindness! I'm learning from you guys. before I found this site and started looking around on the internet, I had only seen tikis here in florida, and most of them poor examples. Very thankful to all here for helping me broaden my view of what tiki really is.

By the way, I was just given a 4.5" angle grinder & have no idea what kind of attachment to use, how to use it, or where to start. Any help out there???

Hey T.B.T.!!! I was in the same situation as you when I first started and still am. Get the Norton sanding discs for your angle grinder, if you look at the earlier pages of my thread I think I posted some pictures of them. You can get them at Home Depot.

Looking good!

Looking good Tyler. The angle grinder will become one of your most used tools. In fact you will probably burn the first one out pretty quickly. The sanding discs tikifreak mentioned are your best bet - cheap and easy to find. Be sure to wear a mask unless you like sawdust in your lungs. Good luck

Hey, everyone!

Hope I'm not posting too much, but I try to take a pic now every time I carve. Hectic schedule @ work lately, being a chef during the holiday season so I don't get long sessions right now. Just an hour here and there to carve. Anyways, here's one more step:

Happy thanksgiving to all!!!! I for one am very thankful to have found a group of friends here that are willing to share thier carving experiences and love for all things tiki. Much love and many thanks to all of you out there! Wishing you all the best on this holiday, good times with family, close friends and hopefully some good turkey!


Aloha, all!

Alright, broke out the grinder today & played with a few character studies so here they are:

Obviously not perfection, just learning to use some of my newer tools.
Now I'm off to spend a few hours of quality time with Lono & see if we can't make some progress

All feedback is welcome, that's how I see things I might have missed!
Thanks fer stoppin by!!!

so , You know ....now so should the world!
just recieved one of TYLERs TIKIS and it is AWSOME!
the first palm TIKI to hit this city in a long time i'm sure!
and the trip to Canada was a long and lonely one thanks to UPS,however it was worth the wait and for the next while he will guard the TIKI FARM mugs in the shop window.
Thanks again Tyler!


Hey Tyler, this lono looks pretty nice. Can't fait for thé headress.


Here's an update on Lono
All in all a productive day, I think

TIKIVILLE, Thanks, brother. It really means a lot to me!
Now don't let that guy get too cold!
He's used to a slightly different climate!!!


Looks Goooood


man , that is something of AWE!

any votes on the stain?
I can't decide if I want to go as dark as the Ku figure, light pecan or even a dark red tone.

Hoping to finish him up before the show Saturday!!!

Great work on the Lono, nice sharp details. I would not stain him to dark but thats my personal taste. Can't wait to see this guy finished.


Hey Tyler, Excellent lookng Lono and my vote is for the darker stain. You are turning out some Sweet tikis, Keep it up!

Here he is all stained up but no finish yet.
Mixed up a custom shade for him.
Now trying to decide between poly & oil
Will I be able to take him to the show saturday if I use Boiled Linseed Oil???

Tfreak1 & Aloha - Thx fer the grinder advice! Glad I got the right discs & a little practice before I set it loose on this guy.

TDuddy, Grapa, TVILLE, Benz & Benella Thx & Merci for the encouraging words & advice.

Now back to WORK!!!

So I couldn't wait! Went with the oil finish hand rubbed.
Brought out the little bit of red I put in the stain:

Also gave him a tattoo with my initials:

I think this might be going on more of them!
Thanks for looking!!!

Wish me luck @ the festival Saturday. I'll try to get someone to take pics of the live carving demo if I can.

What is the Hawaiian word to express the level of gratitude I have to all of you for teaching me something I love so much?


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Back at ya for creating more TIKI for this world!
now .....a tiki on every TV set ,thats the next goal !lol

Thats a great color stain you mixed up.
Good luck on the show. I think you'll do fine there.


Hey tyler, this Lono is really good. Nice work on this one. The headress looks perfect.
And by the way, thanks for the words :wink:


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