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Thank you.
a picture really says a thousand words.

Actually, I thought that picture only said one word, and that word was, "Yep"...

now if we could only feel the breeze and the sun on us we'de be totaly set! Yep! Set!

Hey, that's a hidden camera action shot taken outside Magdelan College, Oxford on Febuary 20th!

(In my dreams)
Trader Woody


Hey Trader Woody,
What type of Polynesia if any do they have at the Ashmolean there in Oxford. I visited the place back in the 80's, but I wasn't into tiki then. The thing that fascinated me the most were the Japanese jade carvings. Blew my mind!

On 2003-03-14 21:59, RevBambooBen wrote:
now if we could only feel the breeze and the sun on us we'de be totaly set! Yep! Set!

Hey people. I'm writing from sunny(!) Minneapolis, MN. You know Michener mentioned us in Tales from the South Pacific. Anyway the temperature up here got to 58 today!! Everyone here is ecstatic and I feel like the guy in the photograph. Little kids are out riding their bicycles and I can hear the little bells dinging because I'm actually able to have the balcony door open!
We have emerged yet again from the death of winter to the life of spring.
To top it all off I received my first Mr. Bali Hai mug in the mail today! To think of myself in either San Diego or Moorea gives me instant jets of seratonin to the brain. Needless to say I am about half-way through a Zombie. In parting I would like to say cheers to the people and government of France!



You know, I've only been to the Ashmolian the once, and never really did it properly. The Pitt Rivers museum is just a few hundred yards away, and it's like a Tiki bar without the alcohol but with THE most incredible Polynesian display outside the South Pacific.
The Ashmolean inevitably looks dry in comparison, but it's to my eternal disgrace that I've not explored it fully.

As a result, I'll delve more deeply and give you a report in the next few weeks.

Best regards,
Trader Woody


I remember you mentioning the Pitt Rivers museum in another post, but I missed it when I was there. (Typical tourist!) I also remember the Ashmolian as being mostly unremarkable in general, except for the above-mentioned carvings. (Don't they have some Elgian marbles, though?) I think its claim to fame is that it is the world's first established museum, as museums are defined today. But if you find anything of interest for us all, please post.


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