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Does anyone know where to get this book besides Amazon.com. It's been on back order since late December and they have no idea when they'll have. I've also tried all kinds of different book suppliers. Thanks for any help...


Word is on the street that if you want a copy, your best bet is to buy 'em when you find 'em. Stocks are low worldwide but there are better Tiki art books to be published.
(My view - it already looks pretty dated and Californiacentric.)

Trader Woody


Thanks guys, my folks ordered it for me for a gift and they knew it was one I didn't have already. But they themselves are upset because I didn't get my gift yet. So I was trying a different venue for them.

You can also get it and lots of other tiki items from TikiBosko.com

Just an update on this:

I kept putting off buying this book, then when I went to purchase it last night it was nowhere to be found!!!! Bosko is sold out as well as Amazon.

I finally did find it on Amazon, but you need to click on "Used & new". There are only four vendors left that still have the book new. If you've been putting if off as well, I might buy it now. ASAP.

On 2003-03-15 10:54, bamzeno wrote:
Hey divychic, we have a few:

Look like bamzeno still has some as well.

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I believe I saw a copy at House of Tiki around Memorial Day. Don't know if they still have it.


Last Gasp was the US publisher - http://www.lastgasp.com/d/10999/

They're stil in stock there.

you can also try your local Borders. They sometimes have a few used copies floating around in their "computer database". I've purchesed several out of print books dirt cheap this way. You can access it through their book finding kiosks, and then they send the book(s) to that borders where you ordered it from. Pretty quick and painless.

I have a few copies for sale in my store. I also have a new web "store" that you can order these from. Just email, I take all major credit cards(except Discover)the book retails for $24.95 plus shipping & ca. sales tax. http://www.hudsonclassics.com
just let us know.


Stuff o Rama has it too - http://www.stuff-o-rama.com/books3.html

Yeah, I just ordered mine through Borders about a week ago for $24.99 and got it in a few days.

Good luck.


I think the one that's hard to get is the hardcover version. I'm sure it's more than $24.99 if you can find one.


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