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Puffer Fish Mystery

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This just off the Associated Press wire:
"Naples, Florida; Hundreds of dead puffer fish have washed up on Southwestern Florida beaches, and scientists were investigating whether they were killed by natural toxins."

I asked the puffer fishes that are 'hanging around' my Tiki Bar if they could shed some LIGHT on the subject. Their answers, although ILLUMINATING, did not help me any!!

Mr Smiley,

Were they rather tight-lipped and prickly about any answers?

you guys have too much time on your hands!


For those around Naples, Florida with "too much time on their hands" why don't you head to the beach, pick up some dead puffer fish, scoop out their innards, inflate a balloon inside them, jam a light bulb in them and cover them with shellac , let them dry and you will have your own do it yourself puffer fish lamp!!


Thousands of dead Puffers, something smells fishy! A thorny problem to be sure! Plenty of posthumous puffers paddling purposefully to the playa to pass on, Positively Puzzling.

Let's not blow this out of proportion. Just stick to the facts, poke around for information and pin-point the problem.

Pages: 1 5 replies