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Spongebob Tikipants-follow up

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For those of you who were interested, I have included several more photos of the Spongebob Halloween bonanza. The murals you see here are painted entirely with flourescent paint so they would glow under black light.


Da Monkeyman,

Great work!

Have you heard from Nickelodeon's copyright lawyers yet? :P


If I lived in your neighborhood I would have been pushing the kids to the side to get a peek in side. Did I say pushing, NO! waiting in line with them...Anyways great creation and I'm sure the kids were in Fanstasy land to say the least. What's the theme this year, Peter Pan?

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ahahhahah that's brilliant! i love the show...and am thrilled to see that you managed to include plankton! :D

Even Squidward would be impressed by your work. :)


Aaaargh...Plankton! Trying to steal me Krabby Patty, eh?

Glad you didn't forget Gary!

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