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Oct. 18 & 19 The New Tiki Garage Sale

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As most everyone knows, we closed down the New Tiki in Westford a few days after the world famous New England Tiki Tour.

This coming weekend, October 18 & 19, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., we'll be selling off anything and everything in the building, including the large Moai at the front door.

Come on by, there may be something you'd like for your own Tiki Bar !



Brian -

Thank you for keeping the New Tiki open as long as you did.
We're very sorry to see a nice tiki spot disappear.

I, personally, am very happy to have experienced it on the NorthEast Tiki Tour before it went the way of so many other tiki restaurants in the past.
Wishing you all the best & Thank You for giving us the New Tiki as long as it was there.


Hey Brian,

sad to see the place close. I think we sent her off with bang on the tiki tour.

Best of luck with whatever the future brings you, and thanks for the fond memories.


Thanks, Brian. My first (and sadly, last) time at the New Tiki was this last Tiki Tour. Such a shame that it's closing.

Best wishes and mahalo for keeping it going as long as you did.


Sorry to see New Tiki go down like so many other great tiki places. I enjoyed my visits ther during both NETTs. I will be picking up the items I successfuly bid on tomorrow at noon and I promise to give them a good home.


New Tiki and Tiki Lau will live on for years to come in my own pad... thanks to my awesome rock sculpture wall piece! Woohoo! - Picking it up in the am! Thanks Brian for giving New Tiki life, these past years! Good luck to you!

What happened to the turtles?? Are they for sale? They were lively little buggers and will surely be missed.

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