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Name:The Skipper
Street:3253 Adeline Street

'The Skipper' refers to Skipper Kent who also operated Skipper Kent's San Francisco and the Zombie Village in Oakland. The Berkeley location is potentially the earliest incarnation of his establishments as it refers to itself as a 'House of Tropical Drinks' and not yet a full fledged a dining establishment. The postcard menu dates itself to 1940.


Some images from a napkin that was for sale on ebay:

Interesting. And PTD just found a Skipper Kent's mug that mentions Kona, Hawaii as another location. Fun to find out about all these pre/post franchises, like Tiki Bob's in Sacramento, and Christian's Hut in Waikiki. We still don't know WHEN Zombie Village opened. The rough paper and style of that mini menu are very similar to the ones found from Skipper Kent's and Zombie Village.


After Bifcozz's Skipper Kent estate score we have learned a lot more about the different locations!

Here is a matchbook from The Skipper

And a 1940 mailer with a different story on the inside than the one Tatoo posted (from ebay).

Hopefully Bifcozz can post some more info about The Skipper from his great find.

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Thanks for the pics... I don't see much from this location. That wahine on the matchbook has quite a provocative pose...

Trad'r Bill

Great little story about the fishnet floats, no one else since bothered to tell their history.... "picked them up in mid-ocean"? .... right... :)

Here is a color version of the drink menu mailer that features the scene from the matchbook I posted.

The inside has yet another variation on the Skipper Kent story, this time focusing more on co-owner Frank Bilek and his adventures with Skipper Kent.


In 1942, there was a bad fire there.

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