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So when you've had your fill of today's Irish hoopla and are again ready to consider other islands with colorful traditions and strong drinks, roll on over to the linky beaches of http://www.konakai.com. We've done a little spring cleaning in our Taboo links section and added a few new things, hopefully making it even easier for you to find your tiki on the ol' internet.

[ Edited by: kongtiki on 2003-03-17 10:23 ]


Great site! Cool update. The world of Tiki at your fingertips, excelent.


Looks great! Nice to see the Recently Added section too. Thanks for keeping Tiki Central at the top of the page.

Keep up the good work!



Boy, that really looks nice. I also like how you have the new additions section. Good work.

An incredible array of Tiki fun. Can anyone into Tiki ever be bored at work again?

Trader Woody


Konakai.com; the Tikiphile's Tapa pages :)


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